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 Fast Snakes

Today I went over to a relatives house in search of some garter snakes. I looked around and remembered to look for tarps and stuff. So I found a tarp behind the shed, literally this thing was filled with snakes. There must have been 6 snakes intertwined. I tried to catch one but it slithered away very swiftly.

So then my cousin brought me to a bunch of rocks just sitting in the middle of the brush, we started pulling up rocks and found several snakes (white stripes down back), one looked a bit red. There were several species of snakes I was finding. Unfortunately, I have buttery fingers and all of them escaped!

Before I go back to search, is it humane to take these snakes out of their habitat. I am from the Hudson Valley New York Area.

06/09/09  01:44am


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 Fast Snakes

Its always best to leave them in the wild, they belong there, they don’t ask to be put in cages.
But herping is a great joy, lol catch all the snakes you want as long as you put em’ back.
It also may be illegal depending on your local laws.

06/10/09  06:07pm

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