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 Want to adopt a frog

I’ve been looking into frogs lately and I’ve been thinking of getting one. I have a 10 gallon that can be put up to use but are there any frogs that are not as hard to take care of and make great pets?

01/15/18  10:40am


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  Message To: SoundOfDrums   In reference to Message Id: 2321770

 Want to adopt a frog

Try a green tree frog. They’re low maintenance. Just give them a shallow soaking dish (dechlorinated water), crickets, and mist them once a day. Give them lots of things to climb and hide in. I have one and he is doing quite well. Make sure to get a UVB bulb for the day and a black light bulb for the night. Both bulbs will need to be low wattage, they are tropical. Clean their cage once a month. You can fit two in a 10 gallon. I know this is a late reply, but if you read it and take my suggestion, have fun and good luck!


03/09/18  03:09am

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