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PetKingdom13   Talusness  

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 Pacman frog tank size

Hi everyone. My rescue crayfish just passed away and now I have an extra 7 gallon aquarium. I’ve been wanting a pacman frog and I was wondering if a pacman could live in a 7 gallon. I’ve talking to a breeder and he said that it might work since the don’t move much. U guys are the final decision. 7 is an unusual number so I haven’t been able to find much info.

02/10/17  05:41pm


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  Message To: PetKingdom13   In reference to Message Id: 2320283

 Pacman frog tank size

Hey petkingdom13, overall I would say a 7 gallon tank would be just fine for a pacman frog. As the breeder said, pacman frogs don’t move much and aren’t active. But since your tank is small I would put in a lot of digging soil. My pacman frog LOVES to burrow, sometimes his head out and sometimes fully underground. I filled a third of my tank with soil. I hope you enjoy your frog as much as I do!

06/29/17  01:15pm

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