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 Am I off to the right start? Pacman frog

I just got a pacman frog from a petstore. They’re pretty sure it’s a female. I’ve got her in a 10 gallon tank right now, regular aquarium. I’ve got about an little over 1/2 an inch of moist EcoEarth for the substrate, thicker on one side than the other, not by much but a little bit. I’ve got a Thermometer/Hydrometer, the temperature is about 75 F (right now) and the humidity is about 80%. I have a 40 watt Nano ceramic heat emitter for the heat. I just turned the heat on so hopefully the temperature will start improving soon. I currently have the thermometer/Hydrometer about middle of the tank on the opposite side of where the heat is. I’ll be getting another one later today for the other side of the tank. I have a 1/2 log hiding spot about in the middle, and a shallow water dish near it. I put 3 large crickets in with her a few hours ago (when I brought her home), shes ate 1, I figure maybe once she has time to adjust, but I’ll take out what is left in another hour or so. Is everything okay so far? and how often should I calcium dust the crickets? What about other vitamins? Any recomendations for what I should feed the crickets to help him get everything she needs? I was going to get her a 20 gallon but everyone said she won’t move a lot so it would be a waste, but shes pretty hoppy so far. Should i get her one as she gets older? -Thank you

09/01/16  11:42am


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  Message To: Vwarren147   In reference to Message Id: 2319384

 Am I off to the right start? Pacman frog

Your cage seems very good! Although I would try to feed her a different diet. Cricket aren’t very nutritional and can attack your animal. It’s going to be hard for your pacman frog to eat them since they are slow and wait for food to come to them. If your pacman is still small I would recommend feeding her a pinkie every week. And if she is big, feed her a fuzzy or the next size up since pacmans have such large mouths. This should be perfect for your frog, and you won’t have to put the mice in calcium supplements. I hope you enjoy your pacman frog as much as I do.

06/29/17  01:27pm


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  Message To: Talusness   In reference to Message Id: 2320810

 Am I off to the right start? Pacman frog

I agree the cage seems good, but I would provide a bit more substrate maybe 1-2 inches just for your frog to have the ability to burrow more. As for the food, the best diet is a varied one, and one pinkie/fuzzy once per week will make your frog overweight and unhealthy due to just how much fat is in one. If you were to feed pinkies or fuzzies I would go with one per month at most, just so they can digest/use up all of the fat in there. Instead, I would use a variety of wax worms, crickets, even grasshoppers or snails if you want to. Just make sure to switch it up! I’m getting my little baby this winter, and plan to feed him such variety as mentioned above. definitely don’t forget to dust with calcium and multivitamins, and I wish you the best of luck <3

06/30/17  10:39pm

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