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 Am I off to the right start? Pacman frog

I just got a pacman frog from a petstore. They’re pretty sure it’s a female. I’ve got her in a 10 gallon tank right now, regular aquarium. I’ve got about an little over 1/2 an inch of moist EcoEarth for the substrate, thicker on one side than the other, not by much but a little bit. I’ve got a Thermometer/Hydrometer, the temperature is about 75 F (right now) and the humidity is about 80%. I have a 40 watt Nano ceramic heat emitter for the heat. I just turned the heat on so hopefully the temperature will start improving soon. I currently have the thermometer/Hydrometer about middle of the tank on the opposite side of where the heat is. I’ll be getting another one later today for the other side of the tank. I have a 1/2 log hiding spot about in the middle, and a shallow water dish near it. I put 3 large crickets in with her a few hours ago (when I brought her home), shes ate 1, I figure maybe once she has time to adjust, but I’ll take out what is left in another hour or so. Is everything okay so far? and how often should I calcium dust the crickets? What about other vitamins? Any recomendations for what I should feed the crickets to help him get everything she needs? I was going to get her a 20 gallon but everyone said she won’t move a lot so it would be a waste, but shes pretty hoppy so far. Should i get her one as she gets older? -Thank you

09/01/16  11:42am

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