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Xpceds   Eris  

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 First baby pacman frog

I just got my first baby pacman frog.. One week.. And it just eated two time the 3rd dzy nd the fifth day.. And i recently change the substrate from moss to cocofiber.. And 6th and 7th day it just burrows at the bottom and dont eat.. Imknd of worried.. So pls if someone can help me..

04/26/16  08:01pm


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  Message To: Xpceds   In reference to Message Id: 2318219

 First baby pacman frog

Hi! I’m certainly not an expert with these guys, but I would first make sure he has enough humidity/moisture and that his temps are correct. It could that he is just settling in from the new change. You could add back in some moss incase he prefers that over the coco-fiber. I would not handle him or make changes to his home while he is settling in.

05/02/16  05:27pm

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