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 Pixie frog tips and advise please!

Hello! Im new here on the forum. So i was hoping i could get some help. I have a female green anole so i have a very small amount of knowledge on reptiles and Frogs . So i would like to get a Pixie frog. Are they good beginner pets?? Do they live More than 5 years?? I heard they live 15 years but i don’t know if thats true;I know they grow to be around 10 inches. I have a ten gallon tank for it. How long will that be good for until it I need to upgrade? (I don’t have the frog yet lol) I was also wondering if their bites really hurt. And do they draw blood? Can I feed The frog Mealworms and all the other Worms that you can get in pet stores and only give him crickets rarely?? Like once a week? Just because i need the majority of the crickets for my anole. If i have Half the Terrarium water and put some of those feeder gold fish in it will the frog eat them? If so can his diet consist of Worms and Fish or do i need crickets?? When it gets bigger do i NEED to feed him/her Mice? My family WILL NOT feed a frog mice lol. and i don’t have the guts to feed a live mouse to a frog xD. Can i use a 75 watt basking bulb for heat or is it better to use a heat mat and put it onto the side of the terrarium? I know they don’t needAs much heat as a lot of other reptiles, so will the bulb be too much? Do they need a day/night cycle like my anole?? I turn off the light at 8pm and turn it on at 8am (Im talking about the UVB Bulb) Will that be a good cycle? Please Tell me if its good for my second reptile in my whole life because i find them really cute and fascinating! Thank you for your help!!!

02/17/16  05:57pm


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  Message To: GirlyHerpy   In reference to Message Id: 2317064

 Pixie frog tips and advise please!

You do know that the Pixie Frog get their name because they start off small, right? A pixie frog is also known as an American Bull Frog amongst other names and will definitely one day need to eat mice, birds, baby chicks, and other small animals such as fish you mentioned. Trust me, your pixie frog will one day, be one of the BIGGEST frogs you will have.

A good frog to start off with is a Pac Man frog, or Green tree frogs. Both are cheap, and very hard to kill. And even though my Pac Man frog eats mice, I can always get away with feeding her crickets. That would be your best bet to start off with. Good luck.

Get on Youtube and Google frog care. That will answer most of your questions.

04/01/16  02:46am

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