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Beestonia   Crotus  

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 Spontaneous firebellied toad reproduction

I’ve happily kept the same three firebellies for about ten years now. They’re happy, healthy creatures, and I assumed they were all male, despite their attempts to mount each other.
I recently changed the tank around a bit, adding more natural plants and upgrading the light to a much more natural bulb. This has been a boon: keeping the water clean for longer and meaning I don’t have to do such a thorough clean so often.
One other side effect is a lot more unexpected. I noticed some small black-grey creatures flicking around the water recently. I assumed that they were some sort of nymph stage of an insect that had somehow got into the toad tank and set down a clutch of eggs: no matter, I thought they’d probably find the water too harsh, or the toads would eat them. If not, I’d dispose of them in the next water change.
I looked again recently and was amazed to see LOADS of the little things: some now not so little, and developed into a distinct tadpole shape. Examination of the floating vegeatation then led to the discovery of eggs. A quick google image check confirmed my toads were indeed parents.
Has this ever happened to anyone before: ten years of no breeding, then boom: reproduction? Is there any method of changing gender, as seen in other species? Or is it just a change in conditions has got the delicate balance just right?
Also, any hints on raising the new tadpoles welcome: I’ve already seperated them from their parents, less cannabalism sets in.



07/01/15  04:34am


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 Spontaneous firebellied toad reproduction

Awesome, sounds like your switching to a more naturalistic setup stimulated their breeding activity. Although certain fish are known to change gender, to my knowledge that phenomenon is not known in frogs, so you must have indeed had a pair all along. I have never raised FBT tadpoles before so will have to research it but from what I have seen will feed on boiled spinach leaves and perhaps flake fish food... Good luck with them, keep me posted please.

PS. Here is one reference I found with some helpful suggestions:

08/25/15  04:31pm

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