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Kayraex   Robert charley  

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 Pacman frog fell

I have a pacman frog and I was changing his water and cleaning his cage like I usually do and he must’ve gotten spooked by something and jumped from about 3 feet high. I quickly picked him up and checked him over, he seemed to be fine. A little dazed but fine, he was hopping around just fine in his tank but he’s sitting with his legs out from under him a bit further than normal. He’s responding normally to the misters and everything he’s just not burrowed down into his usual spot. We plan on taking him to the vet tomorrow but can anyone help calm my nerves and help me figure out if anything is actually wrong?

08/08/14  10:22pm


Robert charley
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  Message To: Kayraex   In reference to Message Id: 2308377

 Pacman frog fell

Probably just dazed. They are extremely flexible and strong.

08/08/14  11:07pm

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