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 Pixie Frog Tank Setup

I bought a 75 gallon aquarium (48 1/2"L x 18 1/2"W x 21 1/8"H ) (I really don’t like "terrariums") for my (future-he hasn’t come in yet) pixie frog-Male. I’m trying to figure out how I want to set this up. I’ve seen pictures of tanks that are set up with large trays and others with acrylic dividers. I also mean to have live plants, but a lot of people are merely saying that coconut substrate is the route to go. I’ve also heard pros and cons about frog moss-yay or nay on that? Would I be better going with natural soil (no fertilizers or additives) and live plants or just coconut substrate with fake plants? Does anyone use UV lights or just heating pads? I don’t want to use heating pads since pixie frogs tend to burrow-don’t want him to get burned.

02/13/14  09:26am


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 Pixie Frog Tank Setup

Hello! I don’t have a pixie frog, but i want one soon!! All i really know is how to solve the heating pad problem. Many videos that I’ve watched on this say thats its good to put the heating pad on the SIDE of the tank so that they don’t burn them selves. I hope that helped! Have fun with your new Pixie Frog ;)

02/17/16  06:02pm

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