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AlieLaur   Crotus  

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 Green Frog acting like its protecting Leopard Frog?

We recently found a Leopard frog and Green frog (mind you about 40 miles apart from each other, and since we’ve put them in the tank together its like they are inseparable.
I am 100% sure on their species, unsure of gender of either yet, but the green frog is a bit larger than the other.
Anyway, its mainly that the Green frog approaches the Leopard. The inside of the tank is about 76 F, give or take i’d assume, so I doubt they are just cold.
An instance as to why it seems like the Green is protecting the other is when he came out from under the rock cave to explore or something... I came over to check him out and he bolted back under the rock. I assumed he just got spooked but he came right back out and appeared to be ’guarding’ the entrance (the Leopard frog obviously under the rock as well). I say guarding because he was half in the cave and half out of...
My question is why? I assumed putting them together they may actually avoid one another, seeing how their preferred habitat slightly varies anyway, not to mention they are different ’breeds’ of frogs.
Any insight or shared experiences would be appreciated :)

09/26/13  11:31am


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  Message To: AlieLaur   In reference to Message Id: 2301351

 Green Frog acting like its protecting Leopard Frog?

Well, maybe the two frogs are bonding somehow, although it sounds like they are sharing just one hiding place, so that may be a factor... I would imagine that if you had more than one of each species, then each one would prefer others of its own species. However, these types of frogs are mostly mild-mannered and communal (with the exception of the toxic pickerel frog, which definitely should not be housed with other types of frogs).

12/30/13  03:01pm

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