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The Lone Glider   Crotus  

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The Lone Glider
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 Leopard Frogs

I found a 3 legged Albino LF today while herping. I currently have it in a 10 gallon tank with dirt and a huge water dish. Its a baby, almost the size of a quarter and I put in there some fruit flies since its so small and it ate readily. My vet/conservation person said to keep it since A it was hurt and B since it is albino he didn’t think It would survive long in the wild. I don’t want it to die, but I feel bad for taking it out of the wild, so I feel I should make as life size a tank for it as possible, so I am making my spare 75 gallon tank into a 505 water and 50% land area for the little guy with grass and a plant in there and a UV light over the plant side and put leafs in there and safe wood different places. Any other suggestions? does that sound okay? Also heat is about 85-90 in there.. Or should I keep it in it the ten gallon till it gets older? I know basic care, but it just worries me considering its a wild animal and not CBB..

04/23/13  05:04am


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 Leopard Frogs

A 10 gal tank would be perfectly adequate for it at that size; in fact I recommend at this stage that you keep it in a smaller setup so it can find its food more easily. Why so hot? Amphibians usually prefer cooler temps than reptiles, I think it might be better to place it in a cooler, air-conditioned room.
Can you post a picture of it??

04/24/13  05:18pm

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