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 A good kind of frog to adopt

I love love love frogs! I just dont know what kind to get as a pet :( I need to know...

1) What kind???
2) Where I can get it???
3) How to care for???

If anyone has tips I’m open to suggeations. I would like a frog thats not poison by the way. lol. just to let ya’ll know. hahaha

08/08/12  01:23am


Mr Aquarium
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  Message To: Iama   In reference to Message Id: 2276001

 A good kind of frog to adopt

Depends on the frog you want and what your looking to do for housing for it, all frogs like different habitats and different care and foods..

08/12/12  07:45pm


The Lone Glider
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  Message To: Mr Aquarium   In reference to Message Id: 2276583

 A good kind of frog to adopt

I suggest you start out with a beginner frog. If you want one that is completely aquatic then the best frog to get would be African Clawed Frog, If you want an Arboreal frog, then the African Reed Frog, European Green Tree Frog, American Green Tree Frog, Gray Tree Frog, Big-eyed/Peacock Tree Frog, White’s Tree Frog,White-Lipped Tree Frog, Cuban Tree Frog. All those are good beginners. and if you want ground frogs, Horned/Pacman Frogs are best, and if you would like a toad which are just as cool as frogs, Cane Toads and European Green Toads are a good place to start. As to where you can get it, it depends on where you are located. So, Pick a frog, and I would be glad to tell you the care of that frog/ Toad and the best place to get it.

09/21/12  11:46am

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