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Banana frog   Crotus  

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Banana frog
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 My frogs are mating and i don’t know what to do!

i have 3 fire-bellied toads in a 30 gallon tank, half water, half land. i’m only 10 and i don’t know how to breed. my male: Peeper, and my female: Renesmae have been mating for 45 mins, stopping, then doing it again a few hours later. Peeper, would grab her waist and make noises. it is mating... someone help me! :( :(

06/25/12  11:33am


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 My frogs are mating and i don’t know what to do!

Well, I suggest that you try not to disturb them, let them do their thing... I am not sure how long it will take but eventually, the female will probably lay some clumps of tiny eggs (they are moist and jelly-like, , similar to tropical-fish eggs) in the water, which will hatch out into small tadpoles shortly after... once that happens I would recommend that you should move the eggs into a separate container to make sure that they won’t be eaten by the adult frogs. The tadpoles can be raised on algae, fish food, etc. until they are ready to transform into small froglets; at that time the water level should be reduced to make sure the tiny froglets don’t drown.

Keep me posted please on what happens!

06/25/12  05:29pm

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