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LadyG918   Crotus  

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 Help me please!

I adopted a Pacman frog about 2 1/2 yrs ago and everything has been great until here lately. He wont eat and hasn’t in about 3 weeks! He wont even move around in his aquarium at all he just sits on top the dirt doing nothing he don’t even burrow his self I don’t know what to do I’m extremely worried. Can anyone help me? :(

04/29/12  02:18pm


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  Message To: LadyG918   In reference to Message Id: 2264722

 Help me please!

Do you have a water bowl for him to soak in? All frogs need this to hydrate themselves... if not, please put one in. Also it may benefit from a full-spectrum fluorescent lamp above the terrarium, set to go on during the day, off at night.

05/01/12  06:20pm

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