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Dev123   Crotus  

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 Should i worry

ok hear I go aging now I have i fire belly toad and it lives in a 75 gal tank I build up a side so it has land and stuff. but I also have fish and a another frog they live in the water part of the tank been like this for a while and every thing been fine should I be worried I love my albino frog most of all now you say firebelly toads can kill my frog

04/06/12  01:10pm


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  Message To: Dev123   In reference to Message Id: 2261708

 Should i worry

I would definitely recommend separating the firebelly toad into another aqua-terrarium by itself because FBTs are harmless to humans but have highly toxic skin secretions that have been known to be harmful to other species kept in close contact with them... FBTs are small so just a 10 gallon tank would be perfectly adequate for it (make SURE you keep it covered with a screen top because they are master escape artists).

But I also very strongly recommend that you add at least one more FBT to keep it company because they are very social creatures, love to play with others of their kind, and just one may not be very happy all by itself. Here is an example of an aqua-terrarium made from a 10-gal tank that I used for some newts, but would work equally well for FBTs:

04/15/12  04:49pm

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