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 The single Spring Peeper

Winter has been abnormally warm this year in Michigan, which is all part of a crazy 30 year cycle. Instead of 6 ft of snow, it’s 84F and raining. I expected to hear thunder and lightning going crazy across the skies, but instead I’m hearing a constant high pitched chirp in the woods.

A single Spring Peeper is out there somewhere, likely near a certain mini pond I know of, belting out calls. Peep Peep Peep. All alone. Peep Peep.

At first I got into an arguement. I knew it was a frog. Others were telling me crickets. Really? At this time of year? So I looked it up. As I played random amphibian calls on my computer, I came across the correct one. The Spring Pepper, harbinger of pleasant weather and flowering trees. As I played the call, the one outside started going crazy. PeepPeepPeep! Insane and rapid with its chirps.

I hope it has friends who wake up in the coming days.

Or that it lays some eggs and brings forth a new generation of tadpoles out there.

Let’s hope for the best.

What is the first frog you hear in the spring? Listen and check online. Look up your state + amphibians to get a list of those in your area. Hear the calls. Compare. Have fun and learn. =D

03/23/12  08:09pm

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