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 ADF’s died. 1 today and one two days ago!!

My ADF died two days ago , then the second one died this am. I took a sample of the water in and it was fine. A little history. We got the 1st frog from my daughters school. We then bought a second so he would not be lonely. ( Oct) In January I got 4 neon tetras to add tot he tank. It is a 5 gallon tank, with heater and filter> After the fish were put in the frogs seemed to hide more. Then they started floating on top of the tank but would still go down. Some days it looked like they had trouble staying down( they did not have bloat or any swelling) Each day they would spend more time at the top of the water then at the bottom.
Did the fish stress them out causing them to die? Did the fish bring in some disease that killed them?
I want to get new frogs. Should I get a new tank for them, without any fish?
My daughter and I are heart broken over these little guys.

03/06/12  01:17pm


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  Message To: Hez3   In reference to Message Id: 2257855

 ADF’s died. 1 today and one two days ago!!

Hey, sorry to hear it... what are you feeding them? Frogs tend to prefer live foods and can have large appetites, so I speculate that they may do better if you feed them chopped earthworms, small crickets or other live foods... you might also try pelleted foods but not just flake fish food, it probably is not a sufficient diet for them.

03/11/12  05:19pm


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  Message To: Crotus   In reference to Message Id: 2258431

 ADF’s died. 1 today and one two days ago!!

It occurs to me also, that it might be better to separate the frogs from the fish, because fish move around more quickly and might steal the frogs’ food.

03/16/12  04:15pm


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  Message To: Crotus   In reference to Message Id: 2259065

 ADF’s died. 1 today and one two days ago!!

The 5 gallon tank was also overcrowded, you had 7 animals living in a small ten gallon. You could have had to many nitrates in the water, was there a filter? Did you clean the water out a lot? It seems as if this was the case, to many fish, and frogs. They could have died from stress since there was no way they could avoid being by a fish, but who knows.

Just for future information before adding more fish or frogs to a fish research it and ensure that it is a sound idea.


P.S, People usually add 1 fish per gallon, but that usually only applies to 10 gallon and above, as a 5 gallon tank is usually terrible for any fish other then one Betta, or 3 Neon Tetra’s not five..

03/16/12  07:31pm


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  Message To: Winkpw   In reference to Message Id: 2259090

 ADF’s died. 1 today and one two days ago!!

i highly suggest keeping ADF’s separately from all but the peacefullest of fish. otherwise the fish will steal the frogs food, and sometimes attack them.

one of my goldfishes is really mean, and when he was not much bigger than the frogs, he tried to swallow the frog when it was going up for air, it had neck injury’s and bled to death, and my other one got its leg pushed into the filter intake, by one of the suffered the same fate. the two i got after-wards lived with guppies, the guppies scared and starved them.

04/28/12  01:37am

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