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SilverRaiyne   Crotus  

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 Mites on Frogs?

Hey, so today i was checking out one of my white’s and i noticed a tiny little white bug crawling on it. I’m guessing it was a mite, tho it was a lot smaller than the ones i’m used to dealing with on my snakes (but i took them to the vet and got them medicine sop they no longer have mites) First off, i didn’t realize frogs could get mites, none of my darts have ever had them. are they the same kind of mites that snakes can get? should i be worried about a huge mite infestation now? and how do i handle it? for my snakes i normally bathe them and then rub them down in oil while i completely clean out their enclosures. what do i do with these guys? also, all my terrariums are set up with live plants and i keep them humid, will i forever be battling mites because of this? I HATE SPIDER MITES!!! i always get them on my plants so i’m guessing this is part of the problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, i really don’t wan tot lose any of my frogs.
Thanks, Jenny

02/18/12  03:59pm


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 Mites on Frogs?

Does the frog look otherwise healthy, i.e. no sore or bleeding areas on the skin? If you see these I would worry that it could be small maggots or perhaps mites or some other harmful pest. But if not, I wouldn’t worry too much, it probably was just a springtail or other small harmless insect.

PS. Harmful mites, fly maggots, etc. are opportunistic pests, and tend to appear in numbers (usually more than just one).

02/24/12  12:12pm

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