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 Pixi or pacman

Pac man frog or a pixi frog? my girlfriend wants one but she cant decide whitch one to get. Any help?

01/20/12  11:03am


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  Message To: Chameleon_man   In reference to Message Id: 2251835

 Pixi or pacman

i don’t know much about them . my friend has a pacman frog and it is so cool. he said when the get adult size they can eat mice. i think you would love either one.

01/24/12  07:37am


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  Message To: Gibson   In reference to Message Id: 2252555

 Pixi or pacman

Because I own and LOVE my Pyxies I’d be lying to myself by saying that I like Pacmans better. I think either is a good choice, it just depends on what you want in a frog. Both are fantastic, attractive animals. I just love the Pyxies. They are the pit-bull of frogs so to speak. Check them out on you tube, and great info on some other sites. Search for fat frogs forums on google. Everything you need to know and see (pics) of both animals and other fat frogs.


07/31/12  08:55pm

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