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 Pyxie frog sexing help

I have a Pyxie frog that is probably a couple years old now. I’ve had him pegged as a male since I have heard him croak (not often, and one long low croak at a time, but he does vocalize and NOT just in response to being disturbed) AND he has a decent amount of orange yellow on his legs. BUT he is only about 5 inches snout to vent. He seems to me to still be growing but very slowly now. He looks big to me but I have seen larger males. He mostly eats goldfish and occasional mice. I included some pictures. I am considering selling him and I don’t want to misrepresent him. DO I have a male? (and if I do, why isn’t he larger?)Thank You for your help.

01/11/12  04:06am


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  Message To: Imderanged   In reference to Message Id: 2250565

 Pyxie frog sexing help

def a male, females dont croak like that

whats his temp and how much do you feed him? if kept cold or not fed enough growth can be slowed

01/15/12  05:35am


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  Message To: Syrus   In reference to Message Id: 2251092

 Pyxie frog sexing help

Has the physical characteristics of a female from the pics, but there are documented 3 yr old males that never grow more than 2-5 inches (African Bullfrog: Life history and captive husbandry 2012). Here’s the thing, if it croaks then it is male. Only males can croak as only the males have the vocal sack to do so. I have a frog that could be your frog’s twin. I believe it is a female, but have heard some noises that could be construed as croaking. Check out you tube for african bullfrogs croaking. It’ll have one big male, and 2 smaller. The big one sounds like the traditional croak we associate with male GABF, but the smaller one sounds more raspy and noticeably different. This is what my "thought to be female" frog sounds like. Search for fat frog forums on google. There is tons of info, and its a great resource site.


07/31/12  09:36pm


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  Message To: Pyxie_Dubya   In reference to Message Id: 2275104

 Pyxie frog sexing help

P. edulis not P. adspersus. Smaller version of the big guys.
Definitely male and full grown.
Nice specimen.

12/15/17  12:50pm

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