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 I need some help with a pacman frog

first off Im not sure I have his tank set up right.I have half the tank with eco earth(coco fiber) and half rock.I have a piece of cork bark and a pothos planted in the eco earth.
I have a low wattage bulb over the earth part that keeps it in the low 80s.I also have a low water dish that he doesnt use anyway.
I spray it twice a day.I feed him with a pair of hemostats, roaches and mealworms.

I worry about if he is wet enough.He recently covered himself up and I havent seen him in two days.
Also should the soil be soaking wet or just damp?

Im thinking about pulling everything out and making it just gravel and water? Is it okay for him to hibernate and for how long.

09/06/11  07:21pm


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  Message To: Tupi1   In reference to Message Id: 2235866

 I need some help with a pacman frog

your toad does not use its tank because it may be to deep ,make it oboute 3cm shalow or it will drown and plant some plants oround it so it can hide the soil should be realy damp and warm and soft so it can berry it self and do not put gravel in their your toad will not like it

10/08/11  11:41am

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