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 How to gain a my frilled dragons trust back?

We have two lizards, a frilled dragon and a beardie. We let the kids hold the beardie, my older daughter has held the frilled but for the most part we don’t let the kids handle him since frills can be skittish. They will feed him and watch him run around when my hubby lets him out.
Well my daughter was in our room (where we keep the lizards), and we thought she was on the computer. Turns out she was able to scare our frilled with our water mister and she thought it was funny and kept doing it over and over. The poor guy is so scared now. Had a talk with our daughter and she understands she can’t mess with him, but now our problem is gaining his trust back. Before we would hold him and he would never frill up. Now if you get near him he starts getting defensive. My husband tried holding him and I guess he was a little too quick and he actually got bit! I’ve decided to take it slow, so when I feed him I talk to him and get close to get him comfortable with me being around again. I put my hand in the tank but haven’t attempted to hold him. He only frilled up initially but he still didn’t look completely calm.
Anyways, any advice would help. Not used to dealing with a very defensive frilled. Thanks in advance!

05/18/18  04:11pm

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