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 Want to make sure I am on the right track

Hello -

So some info:
Me: First time reptile owner. Yes I know Frilled Dragon may not be the best choice, but that is why I am making this post. Usually up at 6am - home at 5-6pm planned to do feeding and misting then.

Frilled: ~7-8 Months Old NG Frilled Neck. Brought them home 3 days ago.

Enclosure: 24Wx26Hx14D (Inches) - ~33 Gallon Glass tank with enforced screen top. (Temp while growing - plan is to build a custom setup minimum 36Wx48Hx24D)
Lighting: one 14 inch T5 ReptiSun Bulb. (14 Hour Cycle)
Heating: 150 Watt Ceramic Heat Emitter.
Fixtures and Layout: Click Here for Photo I have it covered on 3 sides by a blanket to help with stress / insulation.
Day: 78 - 90
Night: 70 - 85
Basking: 100-110

Area - stays about 70-80% where I live
Enclosure - Misting Twice Daily.

Food: Has been offered King Mealworms and Crickets (Same diet as the shop I got them from to help ease stress)

1. While I have seen them drink - they have shown no interest in food. They have gone to the restroom 3 times since being brought home. Is this still just the normal acclimation period?
2. While no foot traffic or other movement is visible - they will jump at the door, down to the bottom and glass surf for 1-2 minutes. Then head back to the basking area and do it all over again in cycles of about 10-20 minutes.
3. Every time there is foot traffic - they go still and lay their head low or move around the branch to not be visible. Should I give them more time to acclimate or cover the front to reduce stress?

While it would suck - if I am not ready or prepped to care for the guy, I am totally willing to surrender him back to the shop if that is the best thing to do.

07/24/17  03:39pm


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  Message To: Slypheed   In reference to Message Id: 2320903

 Want to make sure I am on the right track

Welcome. I strongly suggest you read some of the other posts and links for more info.

1. You will find that Frillies are a bit shy, they do not like to do things while being observed. Poo rates can very widely. This actually kinda answers all 3 of your concerns. 2. If you were in an unknown cage wouldn’t you try the door? 3. Again, shy is normal, in the wild it is common for a Frillie to stay on the far side from you of a tree trunk, very squirrel like that way.

Much of what you are asking is already answered if you follow some of the links also. Frillies are very poor beginners reptiles, they don’t always like being handled, results vary, sometimes the female adults are a bit more tractable. Glass cages are not very good, as the reflections can be misinterpreted as other lizards and it is poorly insulated.

Read thru some old posts and follow the links, if you still have questions, feel free to post them :)

07/27/17  08:19am


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  Message To: Slypheed   In reference to Message Id: 2320903

 Want to make sure I am on the right track

Could you help?i have the same problem.I have got my frilled lizard 4 days the first 3 days my frilled lizard was so happy.This little guy ate 3 times a day and moved a lot in the vivarium.I sprayed 1 times a day to make wet the floor.I have put even a water bowl under the basking spot.When i sprayed today, my frilled dragon scratched his nose to the wood and ground.And do not eat nothing today.Also the little guy is inactive, not like before.What’s wrong with it?I have 60W basking spot, i have cheramic bulb to make 30Celsius at the cooler side/at night minimum 25C.I have 12% UVB tube and 110x60x91 vivarium.i’m really getting afraid cause i wanna give the best for this little guy.I tried to make the best vivarium but some woods on the way,i’m gonna get it next week and i also have ordered rain system to make rain every day for 2 min

08/07/17  02:31am

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