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 New frilly owner has a lot of questions!

I swear I did my research before I got my frilly and talked to the reptile store I got him from but I feel like I’m failing.
Currently in a 20 gallon tank until he is bigger.
I can’t get humidity to stay at all! I mist the tank multiple times a day which seems to stress him out. I try to pick him up to mist in but that stresses him out as well. I even have a wet towel over the screen I keep moist and have a larger dish in the tank. Any help?
Am I going to have to built a large enclosure or is there any I can’t buy like a zoo med or anything?
He is eating but idk if it’s enough I hear they are ravenous eater and al he has eaten is 7 dubias smalls is that okay?
Maybe I’m just paranoid. Iv never had a lizard so small and I feel like he is super stressed. I go in multiple time to check the temps and adjust them (still trying to figure out the sweet spot) and he frills every time he sees me. Should I ever try to handle him or tame him yet or just let him get a bit bigger?
Couldn’t get images to work for me to attach pictures.
Any suggestions or advice would be great

07/12/17  10:12pm


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  Message To: Whenweawake   In reference to Message Id: 2320862

 New frilly owner has a lot of questions!

Welcome to the forum.

Have you read any of the other posts here, followed links and read some more yet?

I will suggest you start with that. You will need a better, larger container, some of the posts and links cover that.

Realize that the Frilled Dragon/Lizard is almost 2 distinct creatures, they behave very differently when young than when adult. Babies are all hyper and frilly, adults are more relaxed and sulky.

Read some of the old posts and the links there. If you have specific questions after that please ask!

07/17/17  10:34am

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