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 Need help! strange frilled dragon behavior

My frilled is about a year old he/she has always been a pretty good lizard eats insects mice and some greens. The last time I put a mouse in archer started biting the side of a branch, since then archer hasnt been eating as much and acts very scared. I recently moved him to a bigger cage and he still acts the same (he bites random objects aggressively and even rips them around like a dog) caught him eating some substrate and even tried to eat a twig today. His cage is 3 feet tall I use a mercury vapor bulb during the day and I keep water in the cage and mist him daily, any information helps! Also archer never ate the last mouse so I took it out, just been feeding him Insects when he will eat

03/02/17  08:26pm


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  Message To: Zack92   In reference to Message Id: 2320396

 Need help! strange frilled dragon behavior

I think you gave the clue early on, about a year old. Frillies seems to change personality as they move into adulthood some, becoming more wild some, or so it seems to me. When you consider they likely get their biological breeding signals around adulthood, that may help to explain some of your observed behaviors.

04/03/17  04:37pm

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