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 Possible Vent problem

I’m not particularly sure how to post a picture.
Our frilled dragon looks to maybe have a swollen vent. She just shed and so I’m not sure if this is normal or if it’s a reproductive problem. I don’t know how long she has had this. She was at the vet a few weeks ago for a weight problem and nothing was mentioned of her vent which was looked at since she was also sexed at this time. She has increased her food intake and has been moved to a proper enclosure. The rest of her husbandry matches requirements. I monitored her bedding and her favorite perch and neither stay moist long. I’m not seeing signs of parasites.
But yeah pretty much swelling is the main concern and it gapes a little. She is behaving as usual otherwise.

01/04/17  05:01pm


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 Possible Vent problem

You say it is a female, adult also? Females may lay eggs even without a male. Do you have a pan of moist earth to serve as a laying area? One of the risks with females is dystocia, or egg binding, where they don’t lay eggs they have stored up inside. If she is a female of breeding age, try adding a lay box.


01/15/17  03:58pm

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