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Animalsofoz   DJFrillies  

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 Frillies kept with other species?

I was wondering if frillies are able to be kept with any other species?

11/13/16  04:01pm


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  Message To: Animalsofoz   In reference to Message Id: 2319774

 Frillies kept with other species?

While I am sure there are exceptions, as all individuals can be different, in general it is not a good idea. You have to consider only those species that match habitat to begin with, then you add on the fact that one or the other may be preyed upon. On top of that there is a space requirement per individual for stress consideration.

With a larger budget and space to work with, you could make custom housing for almost anything work, but in a smaller space this is not a good long term option.

11/21/16  08:47am

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