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 Issues continue

Khaleesi has been getting worse for some reason. She seems lethargic still but not in the same way. She seems reluctant to move. She eats but lately I hold the bowl to her and she eats.
Vet said today he isn’t sure what the deal is but she’s gained weight.
I had them take an x-ray to rule out gout and mbd. He says everything looked normal.
He said in the stool sample had no intestinal parasites but he saw mites in her stool but none on her. They gave me some antibiotics that start with an F incase it’s bacterial and some spray to take care of mites.
He said there was no sign of blood in her stool despite that being a worry or rather he said there were no blood cells of any kind present.
She has a swollen finger but he said it’s not gout so I think it’s retained shed but I don’t know how to get it off. I can’t tell what’s normal skin or what’s retained. I get what I can off when I soak her but she usually doesn’t like it.
I’m worried I’m going to pull her skin off. The limb isn’t black just large.
Also when I got home I put her in the bath and she pooped and I took her out and saw this black thing on her vent and was scared it was wood so I gently removed it and it was a leg.

08/02/16  06:53pm


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  Message To: C a s   In reference to Message Id: 2319202

 Issues continue

It’s not abnormal for some bug parts to not be fully digested, legs are a good example. I have seen bug heads and legs occasionally passed intact.

Old shed/retained shed, you can only approximate, try gentle abrasion, I will rub with my fingers gently while soaking in water. Bathing in general can help with old shed, making sure the animal has something coarse in the cage to rub on can help also (like a rock or rough branch, not metal screen preferably).

Xrays done, no gout, or MDB, and no blood at all in stool, altho the report of mites in the stool seems odd. Use that topical spray, I would avoid using antibiotics unless you are SURE they are needed. Used incorrectly AB’s can make things worse (nee MSRA).

Weight gain is good for reptiles normally.

Just like other animals, if it does not seem to be a physical health issue, it could still be a mental health issue. I have noticed that my 3 dragons do seem like they are social at times. I have seen arm waving between them. I try to give them multiple environments, have an outside cage so they can get real sun, the main cages and a container for bathing.

It would be interesting to see if having another frilled dragon around would help, but that is not a recommendation if you don’t have appropriate housing ready for another.

From my observations frilled dragons seem to like things to stay as they are, but maybe changing up the container location/view/contents/layout could help?

08/03/16  08:06am


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  Message To: DJFrillies   In reference to Message Id: 2319208

 Issues continue

I’m still really unsure what to do with the toe though because she won’t let me touch it and I honestly can’t tell what’s shed and what’s skin. What if there’s fluid built up on it? Though the vet didn’t say much about it
It’s not blackened but the pinky toe is very large.
She has a lot of rough branches but since she’s not moving a lot I don’t kknow if it would help. and all of the shed seems to be centered around the top of the toe, not the bottom.
I think it might be hurting her. How much time do I have before the toe dies?

08/03/16  08:41pm


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  Message To: C a s   In reference to Message Id: 2319222

 Issues continue

From your first post it sounds like you were just at the Vet with Khaleesi, I would have asked him to address the swollen toe/retained shed issue then if you are not able to do so on your own.

Basic FAQ from DR Fosters on reptile shedding Link

08/04/16  08:47am


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  Message To: DJFrillies   In reference to Message Id: 2319224

 Issues continue

I did ask him about it, or I mentioned it, but said I think it may be shed stuck, and he didn’t seem to adress it or he wasn’t that concerned but I don’t know...
he’s kind of hard to read.
I have been bating her for ten minutes a day and I bought reptished or something , a shedding aid, and am now spraying it on her toes.
But I’m really nervous about this toe...
Here’s one toe, that’s a bit swollen

the toe that concerns me most
I did end up giving her some antibiotic before I read this. It’s once every two days, so I haven’t given her another but she seems a bit perked up today after I gave her it yesterday.

08/04/16  07:30pm


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  Message To: C a s   In reference to Message Id: 2319228

 Issues continue

Pictures are of the Right front Claw?

You mean the thumb? (they don’t have one, but where ours would be)

That actually looks fine to me from the picture, you can see color variations, swelling seems minimal if at all, the ’thumb’ claw is a bit shorter than the others, normal.

You can see color banding in the scales on that digit. Actually dangerous old shed is solid white and can look almost like a cast, and it can immobilize the digit or limb and with no circulation it will amputate it. I see just a tiny bit near the base of the digit that might actually be old shed, and its not apparently that thick.

moving water is the best anti-shed tool and something they do in nature.

08/05/16  06:56pm


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  Message To: DJFrillies   In reference to Message Id: 2319239

 Issues continue

I am beginning to think it may not be stuck shed, but some kind of infection.
Here’s a better pic of it, out of the bath. I was using an old soft toothbrush to kind of try to get any skin off (before I read this) but I noticed a bit of bleeding so I took a photo.

Do not know what this means...
I thought I had betadine, I don’t, and I can’t go get any right now.
I do have neosporin original ointment. I’m prety sure it doesn’t have pain medicine in it. I don’t think it does. BUt if I give her oral antibiotics, and neosporin, would this be worse for her?

08/06/16  06:41pm


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  Message To: C a s   In reference to Message Id: 2319247

 Issues continue

That’s a better picture of the area for sure. I can see some swelling from that angle, it does not appear to be old shed. The bit of surface bleeding is more than likely from the toothbrush use.

Do not use oral antibiotics! (unless prescribed for that specific issue and freshly obtained), and then use exactly as directed. If you have old AB’s they lose their effectiveness quickly and can actually make things worse, they should always be disposed of, never saved for later use. This is true for people and animal ABs!

A topical AB on a cut or open wound is fine, it can help prevent infection. I actually like one that’s hard to find. Lanabiotic is a triple antibiotic with numbing agent, lidocaine. It should be used only sparingly and only on the wound itself. With that said, you do not have to do anything to it. In the wild no one puts AB’s on a frilled dragons’ cut, and that’s normal and they live. If your container is an unclean environment, than you may need it, but you would be better off with a cleaner environment overall if it is dirty.

Healing takes good nutrition and time. Take pictures daily and compare them, see if the swelling is getting worse or not, if it does get worse, call your vet, see if you can share the pictures with him via email to let him decide if it needs to be seen (and save you a vi$it if not).

08/07/16  08:28pm

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