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C a s
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 Is this yellow fungus?

I noticed this recently when handling her. She has this yellowish thing under her eye and I am not sure if it’s yellow fungus or a stain. It’s not raised or rough just yellow. She recently was on Orbax though and it looked like this color when it came out and I was always bad about getting it directly in her mouth because I gave it to her in the bath. I know I got some here at least once but I tried wiping it with a paper towel and it didn’t come off. But she’s not had orbax for at least a week now. It’s so small I didn’t even notice it until I was really looking at her.

07/19/16  01:16pm


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  Message To: C a s   In reference to Message Id: 2319147

 Is this yellow fungus?

not enough real info to offer anything new.

Review your post from March this year here, CANV info there is still accurate. Link

07/20/16  06:43pm


Saphiras mom
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  Message To: DJFrillies   In reference to Message Id: 2319151

 Is this yellow fungus?

What do you feed her? This sounds like a silly question, but horn worms (and some other worms) can splash as they are eating and they often leave a yellow stain.

Try washing it off with a wet paper towel and see what happens.

07/27/16  07:17am

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