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 Frilled off food, already taken her to the vet

My 4 yr old frilled has never really been a picky eater. But now she’s stopped. She hasn’t eaten since Monday and has been sulking but isn’t really black.
Its been really hot here lately. The air conditioning has gone out in our house and its about 80 degrees here in the whole house during the day.
I had also had her mister off for a while because it was very humid but she does drink from the bowl. Lately she’s been staying at the bottom. The vet says she may be too hot so I turned off all the heat lamps but one. It gets cold at night though and I saw her all the way at the top when I went in there one morning after turning off the lamps.
The vet also said she’s borderline dehydrated and says her frill is really dry. I’ve been soaking her every day in warm water since Wednesday. Yesterday I took a cup of water and a syringe and fed her water with it. I put it against her mouth and pushed the plunger and she kept licking it.
He also gave me orbax in case she has a secondary infection and I give that to her in the bath the same way as the water.
I took in a stool sample but it had already dried. They floated it and found nothing.
I think she may have eaten two roaches but they also may just be roaming the cage somehow.
Is there anything else I can do? She’s already been to the vet so I can’t really take her again... I mean I could but it would be pointless

07/08/16  08:49am


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  Message To: C a s   In reference to Message Id: 2319044

 Frilled off food, already taken her to the vet

Think about the variety of biome specifics that a wild Frilled Dragon is exposed to. Arboreal, Aquatic, and Terrestrial. They climb trees and are ambush predators, they are the squirrels of down under, always inching out of sight behind a tree trunk.

Life can be measured in the quality of experiences to some extent. Try giving your Frilled some new quality experiences?

A simple bath for 15-30min a few times a month, with moving water (important for normal shedding assist). I use a cheap rubbermaid type container ($10) with a few inches of water and a submersible pump ($15) for the current/moving water, make sure you use water with a good temperature, 85-95 degrees is good. I have a rock in the container they can hold onto. no pump?, make waves with your hands..

Lights and heaters are great but the Sun is the best, an outdoors screen cage can be made or purchased for less than $50 (needs to be secure for protection and containment, not meant to be unsupervised) You only leave them in it for an hour or 2 normally, when outside temperatures/conditions allow it safely.

Get a leash, and take it for a walk? or just outside on the leash while you read a book?

Offer more food varieties?

07/08/16  10:04am


C a s
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  Message To: DJFrillies   In reference to Message Id: 2319045

 Frilled off food, already taken her to the vet

I’d like to take her outside but she’s so terrible about letting me put on a harness. I might be able to do it now because she’s sulky but I don’t know if I can when she gets better.
We’re going to build an outdoor cat enclosure later on, I suppose if I could get her out, I could let her have some sun time when the cats aren’t using it (there isn’t going to be access to indoor outdoor so the cats can’t get in while the lizard is in.)
Though I kind of worry about that because I don’t know if I’ll be able to catch her.
She is pissy about being taken out of her cage. If I hodl her in the cage she will let me sometimes but as soon as i move away from it she will start scrambling.
I should probably start offering more food options. I refuse crickets though honestly. They are really hard to deal with. I feed her in her cage because she doesn’t like to be taken out and I feed her in a bowl so that dubias can’t escape. Maybe I can try phoenix worms. I’ve seen her eat those but I’ve only ever gotten them for free with dubia orders.
I got her to eat earlier. I am beginning to think she can’t see them. They weren’t moving really. So I picked up one of the tubs I have for them (like little night crawler containers) and put them right up to her and shook them and she became interested and ate all four of them.
But she pooped earlier today. Her urate was a little runny and her poop was kind of greenish. But there doesn’t appear to be any blood.

07/08/16  10:32am


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  Message To: C a s   In reference to Message Id: 2319046

 Frilled off food, already taken her to the vet

I think you may have just given up the answer in your last post, you have cats.

Are your cats allowed to roam in the same room that the FD is captive in? Do they get on top of the cage/container? This is your stressor, almost for sure. Cats are evil, and the enemy of most reptiles. Don’t get me wrong I have kept cats as pets and they are good pets, but they are not friendly with many other species and are known killers of most other species. I have a dog and my Frilled dragons do not flinch for it, but a cat many reptiles will shy from with good reason. Don’t keep cats and reptiles, unless you keep the cats away from the reptile enclosures entirely (not allowed in same room).

So far as getting your FD into a harness or bath or whatever you ’need’ to do for/with it, that is a matter of control. You have to be in control, but similar to cats, Frilled dragons do not like a heavy hand and respond better if they are not aware of the restraint. Simple tricks for control are timing, early in the morning, when its cooler, reptiles are cold (lights not on, or just on) and cannot resist physical manipulation as well. When I hold my FD, I control the back legs and front legs with one hand (with care, tuck the rear legs above the hips slightly, makes them easy to control), and can hold them very much like you would a snake. When they are warmest and have been under the lights for a while is when you are least likely to get easy cooperation.

07/08/16  01:56pm


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  Message To: DJFrillies   In reference to Message Id: 2319052

 Frilled off food, already taken her to the vet

Try covering the cage/containers with sheets or paper or whatever you can that will cut the vision off? Kind of like covering a birds’ cage or eyes, it can and does reduce stress.

07/13/16  02:05pm


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  Message To: DJFrillies   In reference to Message Id: 2319103

 Frilled off food, already taken her to the vet

Plasti dip can cover (outside only, not good for inside container use) and then be removed later also if desired. Link

07/13/16  02:15pm

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