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 Baby frilled Dragon help

I have a baby frilled dragon and He isn’t eating very well, he eats from my tongs only when he’s really hungry. He will maybe eat 2 crickets but then won’t eat again for another day or 2. I mist his cage 2 times a day and have a water cantina running at all times. He also has so weird growths growing on the base of his tail and his joints, like
His "knees" I’d say. Anyone know what this could be?

04/23/16  12:03pm


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 Baby frilled Dragon help

I found a video that helped with hand feeding reluctant eaters, especially babies.


The main tip is to use a superworm like a tube of toothpaste and squeeze it out.

If you are not seeing your dragon drink, try hand watering also. Pedialyte works good for really thin dragons.

How does the poop look? There should be 2 parts, the dark part and the water bag.

Misting is good, but how is the overall humidity? What kind of container is it housed in? Maybe try superworms for food also? Correct heat levels are crucial for a Dragons digestion.

You tried to describe a growth, post a picture instead?

04/24/16  09:27am

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