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 Are these sheds normal?

So it might be kind of hard to see these but I can’t really turn the light on in there right now.

I was kind of worried about her tail. I thought for some reason she might have yellow fungus. Upon further examination it actually seemed like a stuck shed because it was in strips. But it looked kind of brownish so I wasn’t sure.

I got her into the bath finally (she didn’t want to go, it was a fight and took me 2 days and luck to get her out of her cage)

I started working with the shed, peeled it away. It looked kind of brownish but still white while it was wet. When I was feeling around on her tail for a moment I was kind of scared that I had ripped out a huge chunk of her tail somehow because there was a dent in the area where I’d taken the skin, but when I looked there was no cut or lesion. It looked a little bit whiteish or pinkish between the scales but not a lesion or anything.

I kept working on her tail and it started to feel smoother not like it had a chunk out of it. I felt around her tail. Her tail is dark towards the end, but it has always been like this. It goes from light to dark to the tip. It’s kind of hard but not brittle feeling and still has movement (she slapped me in the face with her tail so she can move it). She seems to still have feeling in it because when I’d mess with it a lot she’d move. It doesn’t feel necrotic either. There isn’t a sudden lack of tail in one area like I’ve seen in necrosis and it is smooth and tapers normally.

But in addition to yellow fungus, I was also worried about tail rot. I usually always am because her tail is always so dark but as of yet it has not fallen off.

So without further adue here’s the actual pic. One of them is a normal shed (actually from a good few weeks ago because I just forgot to throw it away and it’s kind of been sitting on the table but it’s coming in handy now) and the pieces I took from her tail. The tail ones are small and the other one is the big long one.

04/03/16  08:41pm


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  Message To: C a s   In reference to Message Id: 2317695

 Are these sheds normal?

Link is one site for info.

Maybe look at Link also.

White scales are good, keep up the bathing to soften the skin and gentle abrasion to loosen it.

04/04/16  12:10pm

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