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 Terranium Setup

So we are upgrading our frilly to his adult terranium and with all the new space, I’m not sure how to go about setting it up. How do I set up branches where he won’t knock them over? Are real plants are fake plants better and how do I get those to stay in place? He’s always knocking down his decor at the moment because of his weight. Will he need a perch for his basking spot, or will a vertical branch be fine? I already looked up what substrate to use. Just figuring out how to assemble the rest of the set up is my issue. Also, do they like water dishes they can fully sit in? He has a normal size water dish right now. He can kind of sit in it, just his tail is all over the place, and I’m pretty sure he’s still got growing to do.

03/07/16  11:17am


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 Terrarium Setup

Basics of adult FD cage is 4’ long x 4’ tall x 2’ deep. Most have found that to maximize the arboreal space you will want to glue/mount cork bark panels to the walls. This allows all the walls as climbing area as well as any trees. Most branches are mounted with screws permanently. You could use a branch on a slate plate and have it removable still. Real plants get torn up often, so most use fake mounted with suction cups. I will be using pool noodles for climbing trees, you can put a dowel in it for rigidity, the noodle is safe, and easy to climb and when it gets worn you can just replace it. For looks I may put some cork bark rounds over the noodles. I would setup at least 2 basking spots, allow the Dragon to choose. You need to be able to clean the cage completely periodically for fungal control. I will be using artificial turf tiles that can be removed and washed as my substrate. There should be 2 water dishes, a deep corner dish to soak in, normally becomes a toilet too, and a shallow dish for the extra humidity and for drinking from.

If you read a few threads down I have some links to useful sites for more info.

03/08/16  09:31am

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