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 Taking a frilly on the road

I would like some help. I haven’t been able to find definite info on Frilled Dragon transporting in general.

I am moving to Alabama, seven hours away. I have to take her with me. But I want some good info on how to do this.

I have a carrier already that I put her in but from head to tail she’s nearly the size of the carrier....

I only put her in this carrier to take her downstairs to get a bath.

She’s full grown and fairly large. But she’s angry.

I was hoping I could leash train her before I move but I am moving in May and she’s shedding (like, she sheds all the time but sometimes she sheds more than usual) and she is really pissy.

I can barely touch her right now... So I’m worried about what I am going to do.

I don’t want to kill her! What should I do? Should I go for a small or large carrier?
Should I have a carpet on the bottom? What about water?

Here’s a pic of her now. I don’t know how much this will show her size but her tail is extremely long.

03/04/16  01:24pm


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 Taking a frilly on the road

I have used a cat carrier to transport an adult frilled dragon before, it worked fine, but I was there and supervising. For a longer move you might want to get one of the acrylic containers to do the move in. You want to maintain heat and some humidity, a wet sponge in the container should be fine for moisture, the dragon shouldn’t really need to drink in 8 hours. So far as heat goes, you will need to evaluate conditions at the time. A summer move may need no extra heating. Be careful of overheating in the summer. If you place the dragons container with you in the cab it should be fine, be aware of the sun on the container.

Dragons get stressed easily with unknown motion, so an opaque container or even black one might be best, so they are not seeing things move past.

The tail will bend to fit in a container. It she is not cooperative, you need to be careful of her 3 weapons, tail, claws and teeth. Mostly you want to control the tail with one hand first, then pickup the body, watching the claws and mouth. I have been clawed a bit, but not bitten or tailwhipped.

03/05/16  09:42am

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