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 Pux of KoKo possible Frill Rot

Hello, I installed the photo bucket app onto my phone and uploaded some photos of KoKo’s frill. I hope I can get the pix onto this site. KoKo is my 5yr old female Frilled Dragon, I’ve had her since she was 3 months old. She has had this dark hard spot on her frill for over 3 yrs, and now her frill seems to be kinda eaten away in that area. Can someone help with this please? Does this look like frill rot?? I had her at the vet last Jan because she had gotten very sick because of other reasons. But I asked the exotic vet about the discoloration on her upper frill. She said that is was nothing to worry about, but didn’t bother to sample it or anything, just looked at it. And about 3 months ago I noticed it looking like something was like eating away at her frill right there. She is in a tank by herself, I use ground coconut husk for substrate, I use a 150 watt & a 75 watt day spot lights to keep her temps where they need to be. She is in a 40 gallon tank. I also use a 10 uva/uvb strip bulb. At night I use an in fared 150 watt night light. Day is on for 12 hours and night is on for 12 hrs. Here are the pix... I tried and still couldn’t get the pix onto this site. I uploaded the photos I wanted to post in my photo bucket acct. They are there, but how can I get them here? I keep getting this site asking for an address to get them from, and I don’t have an address to put in I just want to upload here from photo bucket. Ugh!! This has been a problem, can someone help? I’m not computer illiterate, just haven’t posted photos this way yet ever. Thanks for any help.

01/24/15  03:24pm

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