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I got my pair of Frilled dragons 3 weeks ago. They are a year and a half. She is doing this crazy circle thing with her head and acting off a bit. Can anyone explain why she is doing this? They are both very laid back and easy going. I want to breed them and it seems like he is ready but she wants him to back off.
Also they aren’t eating much.... I just want to know that they are OK or if I am missing anything. I feed them roaches and these green worms that I get at the reptile place where I got my frills. I even bought the cage they were in at the store so the stress on them would be less.
I would be great full to any advise any of you may have.
Thanks so much

06/19/13  09:37am


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 New at this

for 2 frilled dragons you are talking about a very big enclosure. i have 1 frilled dragon had him about 6 years now and his enclosure is inside size 3 feet wide x 3 feet deep and 4 foot high. do you have the right material for her to lay eggs in?

11/01/13  03:40pm

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