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Saphiras mom   Axolotlsx5  

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Saphiras mom
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 Male of Female

So I have had Mushu for almost 5 months and he/she has grown substantially to 23 inches and 290 grams. It is very hard to look under the tail and I only get rare glipses as he/she hates to be held. Also, he/she is somewhat plump and that may be interfering with me seeing properly. It looks like a large bump which is flat (maybe even goes down a little) in the middle, but extends to both sides of the rather fat tail (fat compared to my Chinese water dragon). Mushu has started to head bob over the last couple of days... 5 or more very fast bobs with a little arm waving. Everything I read suggests this is more common in males, so not sure if that has a significance. He/she does it in it’s cage and there are no other animals around.

Any thoughts?

05/02/13  03:48pm


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  Message To: Saphiras mom   In reference to Message Id: 2296706

 Male of Female

dont know about what sex they are but the more you hold them they get use to it and enjoy it. just do short times of holding it.

11/01/13  03:48pm

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