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Elizabeth42   Baby crestie  

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 New Baby Frilled Dragon

Hi everyone. I have a new baby frilled dragon I brought home 3 weeks ago. I read a lot online about keeping the tank sides covered while they adjust. I did this from day 1. I was wondering how long I should keep the front of her cage covered for.... I would love to have a better view of her but am a little worried about removing it too soon. I plan to keep the back and sides covered indefinitely.

01/21/13  10:16am


Baby crestie
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 New Baby Frilled Dragon

If the baby frilled is in a quite ( not alot of traffic area and it is calm you should be able to uncover the front with out a problem. But if you are worried uncover half the front one day and if it does well uncover the other half the next day. When I got mine she was uncovered in a few days and she is doing awesome. Hopes this helps

12/04/13  06:20pm

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