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 I need advice on enclosure

My enclosure is very unattractive.
with this being said, let me also start by saying I am not a first time owner, nor do I know it all. But I am confident to say I have a clear understanding of the basics and some advanced caring for a frilled dragon. I previously owned one but after 2 years due to my living situation, I had to sell him:(
I recently bought a new one, full grown adult, and his living situation was horrible, living in an 18x18x18 glass enclosure. He was obviously fed well, and it shows, he is huge and has no signs of missing limbs or damage. Except for his bottom lip, due to ’’window dancing’’ I recently thought of a quick way to add room, and I came up with an idea to add a top layer to his enclosure, so I added over a foot of arboreal space so he wouldnt be so cramped... He ate one adult dubia roach. but doesnt seem to interested in them... I have had him for two days now and stressing on the thought of buying vs. building. I have built enclosures before, but my main problem has always been the door. Last time I got lucky and had an awesome enclosure I was so proud to show off. If I do buy it will be from animal plastics. If I build, my tools were stolen so Id have to buy EVERYTHING from start, along with build materials.... stressed out because I just wanna give the poor guy a good home... if I build, I’m not good with front doors.

01/19/13  10:22am


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 I need advice on enclosure

i just recently built my frilly a terrarium. it cost me a total of $160 for everything (except for a drill and drill bits ) i made the terrarium 4’tallx3’widex2.5’deep. i made it out of melamine with a pine frame and a lexan door and sealed the out of it with silicone. (lexan is like plexiglass just cheaper) all i did was frame the lexan with pine and sealed it with weatherstripping, put some hinges on it and attached some locks . it holds heat very well and will hold humidity very well once i put a lid on it this weekend. i would definately build an enclosure over buying one. considering they need large enclosures. if youd like any help with it let me know and hopefully i can give you some advice. the door was the hardest part...

03/17/13  09:56am

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