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Frilled reaper
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 Skinny frill?

i am currently deployed and my wife is taking care of my frilly who is about 4 years old. he is fed regularly with large crickets. i let hime eat until he is full, and he has plenty of water and vitamins. heating is right and humidity, my problem is that for the longest time i have been able to see his rib cage. doesnt seem like he has any meat on them. makes me worried for him. i dont have a pic right now that i can post as do to my surcumstances, any advice would be great. he is such an awesome pet i dont want to see anything bad happen to him

01/08/13  11:23am


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 Skinny frill?

So I know this post is older but I saw there were no replies so I thought I would reply to you :)

If large crickets are all you are feeding thats a good source of protien but there is not much fat in them.
To fatten your frilly up you should try Super Worms/large meal worms. Those are high in fat. Alternating between the two is good. You can also try feeding dubia roaches which are just packed full of nutrients.

Offering food every other day is preffered but you can feed everyday until you get him to a good weight then go back to every other day. Weighing him would be a good idea while trying to fatten him up.

I have noticed with most frilled dragons that when they store fat, it is more in there abdomen then around the chest so this is why weighing him would be good while uping his feeding to see if he is gaining weight.

I hope this helps its not a whole heap of info but I do hope it helps.

06/29/13  12:15am

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