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Saphiras mom   Frilled reaper  

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Saphiras mom
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 Advice please!

Hi All, I am new to frilled dragons and about to get one. I have a chinese water dragon and she is doing very well. The main differences I am planning for her cage (versus my CWD) is to have the basking area a little warmer (over 90 F) and the overall humidity a little lower at 70. am setting up a similar cage with lots of climbing branches and a pool to soak in... using repti carpet, UV bulbs, snd fake plants and stones. Planning to feed the same as my CWD with silk worms, butter worms, phoenix worms, and crickets, with the option of sweet potato and greens (collard, mustard, etc.)

Does anyone know any significant differences in care or personilaty that I need to watch out for between CWDs and frilled?

Any other suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

12/04/12  03:59pm


Frilled reaper
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  Message To: Saphiras mom   In reference to Message Id: 2287067

 Advice please!

I dont know to much about water dragons, but some frills can be very teritorial. I have one that wont allow any other reptile or anyone in his cage but me. just all depends on how they take to each other.

01/08/13  03:27pm

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