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Ktrain   Saphiras mom  

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This is actually about a shinese water dragon, but their sort of similar to frills nd I own both anyways. I got this littl eggy avout 4 months ago and he’s grown a lot but he still hasn’t shed at all and his enclosure has proper humidity and a giant water bowl for him to soak in if needed. Anyways if anyone could tell me why he hasn’t shed that would be awesome because the cwd forum didn’t seem to have anything useful to tell me.

09/24/12  03:38pm


Saphiras mom
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If your humitdity is good and the dragon tends to soak a lot, you will probably no notice it shedding. I noticed mine shed when i got her (she was shedding when I got her and because her humidity was not great at the store, I noted her shed. Since then, I barely notice anything.. More than not, she is a little irritable and may not eat quite as well or may just not want to be held much and when I look closely I might note a shed edge somewhere on her body... I think they shed every 6-8 weeks and if you are not seeing it, it is probably a sign of a healthy dragon.

BTW, I have a chinese water dragon and am about to get (hopefully in the next week or two) a frilled dragon... If youc an let me know any differences in personality or care, I would appreciate it.

12/04/12  03:49pm

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