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Frilled_schade   Ktrain  

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 Discoloration on edge of frill?????

hello everybody, I’ve had my frilled for almost a year now and a month or so back I noticed he had a dark grey spot at the edge of one of his frills.... I thought it was due to a bad shed at the time, but now he’s shed at least twice since I noticed it and its still there. What could it be? Infection?
I’ve been working a lot and haven’t had time to clean his tank as often as I used to. Could this be the source of the problem?
Sorry for the blurry pictures, he was pretty freakout by the camera so I had to take them quickly. These are the best ones of the bunch.

09/14/12  05:48am


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  Message To: Frilled_schade   In reference to Message Id: 2280301

 Discoloration on edge of frill?????

It’s probably stuck shed, not too big of a deal just mist more often than usually and it will likely come off

09/24/12  03:34pm

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