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So I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that one of my frills eyes was a different color but I thought nothing of it,maybe it was something I had never noticed. However now her wont open it at all and it appears to be swollen and today he isn’t eating so if anyone has any info on what it may be that would be amazing please help!

06/17/12  06:04pm


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What kind of substrate are you using? He may have something in his eye....


06/19/12  03:15am


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  Message To: Pocochu   In reference to Message Id: 2270522


while waiting on a vet visit you can try turtle eye drops

make sure your not using a coil style compact uvb bulb. those cause eye issues and sunburn like issues.

when there are eye issues that lead to infection your reptile must be treated with topical ointment

do not allow the reptile vet to offer baytril, baytril is dangerious to reptiles

fortaz or ceftazidime is the good antibiotic to use if you must go that rout.

good luck.

06/21/12  11:40pm

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