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 Is something wrong

Hello, I just built my frilled a larger tank as he’s getting bigger and i just put him in there 2 nights ago. I noticed yesterday and this morning that he’s been laying very still, flat on his stomach, legs stretched out behind him and with his head pointed up against the glass. He’s never done this before and i’ve had him for about 5 to 6 months. Should I be concerned? Im getting some new lamps today because I broke his 100 watt heat lamp when I was building the tank and the florescent is to small to light the whole tank. Would these be factors in his new strange behavior? I also read on one forum here that he could just be relaxing in his new spacious house.... any thoughts or reason for concern?

Thanks for any help :)

05/07/12  01:37pm


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 Is something wrong

How long has he been without ’fluorescent’ light?

It really helps to learn the hows and whys of your equipment to better care for your frilly. Your fluorescent light should actually be a UVB light that transmits the proper amount of ultraviolet A+B to your frilly. 10.0. Feel around his thighs. They should be firm, but not rock solid. He also shouldn’t look scraggly or withered in the least.

Best case scenario, he’s relaxing in his new tank. Worst case scenario is he’s developed Metabolic Bone Disease from a lack of UVB in his tank. While all lizards behave in their own unique way, frilled lizards seem especially unique in their behavior and that may just be how he basks. I don’t own frilled lizards so it’s not my place to say how they behave.

05/09/12  12:38am

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