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 Frilled dragon setup

hey guys. my name is blake. i own a a few species of snakes, bearded dragon, blue tongue skink, Leos, and now an Indonesian frilled dragon. so when i first got him/her he was sulking but now he or she seems to be doing great. i have a large shallow water dish on the hot side for humidity. i have paper towels as bedding. a hide log and then i have a ton of sticks i got from outside then bleached with 1 part bleach 10 parts water then let sun dry. i have a humidity gauge. i take temps with an inf-red temp gun. i plan on getting some fake greenery from petco soon. since i have had him or her, he or she has eaten lobster roach nymphs and drank for a good 10 seconds in each of his or her two baths. for lights i am using a 6500k florescent light for uva and then a 100 watt mercury vapor bulb for uva/uvb/heat. additionally i have a 100 house hold bulb for additional yellow light. finally i have a piece of tin foil taped down to keep in as much heat/ humidity as possible. i would like to insulate the glass soon because it loses a ton of heat and i know these guys like it warm. atm i have 115 basking 95 to 100 hot and 80 to 85 cool side. any comments or questions? if anyone knows how to insulate the glass sections of the tank let me know. also let me know if you have a good plan for a frilled dragon custom enclose. let me know what you guys think. thanks!

thats the light setup

cool side


hot side

whole tank

frilly on the cool side

whole body. he is really small. i hope he is a male.

04/11/12  08:20pm


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 Frilled dragon setup

he/she is tiny but nice looking i would say get some fake plants and something vertical or close enough to it for him to climb up the feel safer in vertical position.
my female new guinea frilled spends most of her time on the vertical branchs right at the top of her tank relaxing =] but add some foliage in there and your frilled would be even more happy =] but lovely girl/boy =] keep updates on its progress =]

04/16/12  08:06am

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