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 Frilly has eye problems

Hi everyone, I have an eight month old Frilly who has had eye problems for a little while now. Her eyes dry out a lot and are swollen. When her eyes are closed they look really puffy and when they are open the red part towards the front most part of the eye is swollen as well. She’s been to the vet twice and got prescribed Garasone which seemed to help temporarily with swelling a bit but it never seems to get better. She also manages to regularly get cocoa fibre in her eyes when she is running around in her tank, however like a normal frilly spends a lot of time basking on her branches. The vet said she appeared to have sustained some damage to her inner eye lid. I dont know if this is from coca fibre or what but i dont know what to do at this point. Does anyone know what this could be? shes eating despite having her eyes irritated and pooping normally as well I just want her to be able to see properly and not have these eye issues.

04/08/12  04:38pm


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  Message To: Ceems   In reference to Message Id: 2261988

 Frilly has eye problems

Youre vet really has no idea?inner eye lid scratch on one eye ok but both.Its probably fungus how often do you change the bedding.A few years ago i had a water monitor same thing but only one eye sometimes it would even crust over like eye buggers.It had no negative change in apatite or behavior but no meds wold work so one day in desperation i put a tinny amount of neosporin on a Q-tip dabed it aroud his eye not in it just close enough.Also i made shure he could dip his face in water big water bowl or bath after a few days it went away,but it would come back now and then even months or years latter just never as bad.Only a vet can really help but my trick worked at the time.

04/08/12  08:53pm


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  Message To: Snipper   In reference to Message Id: 2262036

 Frilly has eye problems

in the cocohusk. mix in repti-bark. this will help reduce the amount of coco being tossed around. i usto use this mix. its 50/50 coco husk and repti-bark

rinse the repti-bark off prior to use. just get it into a bucket of water outside with the hose running slosh it around and poor it out then toss it into the enclosure and mix it into the coco-husk substrate.

does your frilled dragon spend alot of time on the ground in the enclosure? these are an arboreal species meaning they spend most if not almost all of their time up in a tree. they require tall enclosures with many barky branches. 18-24-36-48 inches tall, as they age.

if there is tissue damage then it will take a long while to heal. i had a female who scratched her eyeball with her back foot while shedding. sliced her eyeball. it started oozing with in 2 hours, i immediately went to the vet for an ER visit. he gave me eye drops as well as an eye ointment. her eye looked normal in 3 days but she was given the topical 2 medications for 7 days. she is fine.

good luck with your frilled dragon!

04/09/12  08:47pm

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