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 New to frilled dragon

Please help us we just got a young male guessing about 7 months old and he wont eat.
And I noticed this morning he was stretching his frill and I could hear his teeth grinding is that normal?
He has his first heat bulb petco didnt have a heat lamp on him and he also has a UVB
The heat side is 95-100 and cool is 70-85 and I mist alot to make sure he is hydrated.
I have a large warped old container in the tank for water.
His name is Ghost and I measured him he is 14" and 55 grams

Is there any way we can get him to eat?

11/29/11  09:58am


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  Message To: Bowserman   In reference to Message Id: 2245616

 New to frilled dragon

i dont know about the grinding of the teeth but him not eating is normal if this persist for one to two weeks then you’lle have to force feed him.

11/29/11  05:29pm


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  Message To: Jojobugs   In reference to Message Id: 2245669

 New to frilled dragon

Ok thank you.

11/29/11  09:06pm


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  Message To: Bowserman   In reference to Message Id: 2245687

 New to frilled dragon

if your enclosure is less then 85 degrees in any part of it, that is your problem.
it is getting cooler, winter is coming, temps are dropping and your lil guy is showing that he is not warm enough. PERIOD

that is my site READ EVERYTHING THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

you will loose your frilled dragon if you dont make changes to his enclosure FAST. they dont survive long once they stop eating. dehydration sets in FAST with frilled dragons.

im sure your guy is fine but if i dont get my point across. your poor frilled dragon will suffer a horrible death.

if you have any questions please ask! im here to help

petco is HELL ON EARTH for frilled dragons. pet co does not have heat lamps on their frilled dragons and the frilled dragons are in poor health because they can not warm up and digest food properly. they develop gout and infections easily becasue of this and dehydration and death will set in. frilled dragons need a body temp of 96 degrees or so to function properly PERIOD no iffs ands or butts.

frilled dragons are ARBOREAL meaning they spend most of their life in a TREE. they do not do well on SAND. they require humidity of about 65-85% at least several hours of the day. its ok if the humidity dropps of at night but they need daily misting at least 1-3 times a day to be able to stay hydrated. they are from the ausi cost. dry land but humid air.

your frilled dragon only has a heat lamp ? one red heat lamp? what about light. do you want to live ina dark glass room all your life? add a halogen lamp in there to give light.

what about uvb? with out uvb your frilled dragon cant absorb calcium, thats another horrible way to die.

its not your fault. i guess. you didnt research enough, maybe you did, maybe you didnt read the right info.

sorry if this is harsh i think its cruel to treat these wonderful lizards with such disrespect.

best wishes to the both of you.

11/29/11  11:47pm


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  Message To: 87rx7chick   In reference to Message Id: 2245698

 New to frilled dragon

Ghost has a 100watt heat bulb in the hot side and a long UVB on the other the tank is well lit and when im on the computer I have my lamp on which gives extra lighting. He was basking alot yesterday and jumped into his water dish ( an old tub container that the bottom is really warped)
was splashing around and drank alot of water and ran around.
He ate two Dubia roaches yesterday a small one and a med sized that just shed i mean just shed i got the rest of the exoskeleton off of it.
Every time I do something in his tank either scoop mess refill water or fix his trees afterwards he trys to jump into the screen to come out and be held.

This afternoon he is an appointment with our Reptile Vet at 3pm
As far as misting Im a mist a holic I also have cresties so I am constantly misting throughout the day. Ghost get misted about 3-4 times a day and I go to sleep early where my fiancee stays up and does another mist of everyone before he goes to bed. So im sure dehydration isnt going to happen.
We are going to get some veggies to see if he will try some. And Im not going to try him on crickets i hate those freaking bugs I’ve converted my leo over to Roaches insted of those stinky non long living crickets.
Im sure within a few days Ghost will eat if worse comes to worse and Mandel (our vet) will give him a vitamin B shot to boost eating habbats he did with bowser after we had a run in with Collards which bowser is alergic to Bowser is our bearded dragon.

11/30/11  08:19am


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  Message To: 87rx7chick   In reference to Message Id: 2245698

 New to frilled dragon

Ghost has two lamps one is a floresence sp UVB buld and a 100watt heat lamp.
He is perky and well hydrated I mist alot and he also has access to a water dish made out of an old tub container which he drank out of yesterday.
Right now he is perked up under his heat I gave him two roaches yesterday he ate both one was small and the other was a medium just shed that one he went to town on it was pretty big for him to try and eat in one bite so I held it and he death shook and ripped it in half and ate both halves.
He has a plastic tree from petsmart that goes near the top of the tank and two tree branches in his tank from outside that I made sure to clean well they still have the bark on them so he can climb well.
With him being 14" to the t we have him in a 40gal breeder and when we move which is next year we are building him a custom tank with fake trees and vines and everything he would love.

Here in about an hour I will attempt to feed him for the first time this moring I wanted to give him a chance to wake up.I turn their lamps on at 8am so I try to wait intill 9am to feed. The light also are the same for the bearded dragon we have but not right now because he is brumating.

With the misting I make sure he gets plenty of it i make my rounds with the two crested geckos we have and with Ghost.

Roaches and greens are the only bugs we offer and we also have crickets but I do not offer Ghost those our Leopard gecko gets those and when we go on a trip I give our leo roaches

Today Ghost is going to our reptile vet to make sure he is healthy and to also make sure he doesnt have MBD

Thank you 87rx7chick

If you want im more on here then anything you could add me as a friend and we could converse over facebook


11/30/11  08:56am


Dragon Lover
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  Message To: Bowserman   In reference to Message Id: 2245715

 New to frilled dragon can’t come on here and scream at people just because when you don’t know what is going on.

Bowserman have been doing a lot or reading up on frilled dragons and they have done the research. They have waited for quite a while to get one so they knew what they were doing when they did in fact bring one home. They are concerned because he hasn’t eaten and the grinding of the teeth and you come on here and blast them for stuff that they had already mentioned they have.

They are very responsible with their animals and know what they are doing. They are in the process of building him a big enclosure so he has exactly what he needs.

People are more likely to follow your advise if you are nice.

11/30/11  01:51pm


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  Message To: Dragon Lover   In reference to Message Id: 2245738

 New to frilled dragon

Christy, glad to here ghost ate 2 dubia. and im glad you took him to a vet. sometimes vets dont know whats best for our frilled dragons, a fecal is always the fist step though. hydration is key also and sometimes its just so hard to keep a sick frill hydrated with out subQ injections/fluids.

on that site i linked you above there is a medical section that lists common medications that i have personally used on frilled dragons and that are SAFE for frills with out adverse side effects like loss of apatite.

you say you have that 100w heat bulb is it the red one? i see red in the pictures so i was curious. red isnt the best light. a cheepo halogen bulb from home depot/lowes works great and is way less expensive then a reptile bulb at petco/petsmart

dragon lover:
im not screaming. do you know how many people come to me threw email asking "what is wrong with my frill" ? alot of people dont do the research and wind up with a very sick dragon. or they do the research but read the wrong sites and wind up with a sick frill. back 5 years ago i did the SAME thing. i bought from a crappy pet store online, frilled dragon arrived mite infested, i didnt provide enough heat for the poor thing and it was sick for a while before i figured out exactly what to do and how to set things up. all because i read the wrong info that 75 degrees was ok for them.

im trying to provide info, as well as Importance and i cant stress enough how important it is because frills will die if not cared for well enough, and sometimes the death is very slow and painful.

i care alot about others and their frills. i have many people who have my cell number and call or text me asking questions. and the best part... if i dont know the answer i let them know... then give a reference or lead to find the correct info and tell them to let me know if they find the answer. i love learning and i love sharing what i know with others.

christy, frills stop eating around the time when they start shedding. they also stop eating because of stress, dehydration, parasite over load, not enough heat, to cold at night ect....

oh and the grinding, frills and other reptiles i have noted in the past do make this low pitched noise that is actually them grinding their teeth. usually when they do it they close there eyes and kinda hunch over and twitch and grind their teeth. its a stress response or them saying "i dont like this"
if this isnt the case and this isnt the body language your frill is putting out it may be that your frill might have a twitching issue. to much or to little vitamin dust can cause twitching, i use repashy products to avoid that issue. another thing may just be another body language i am unfamiliar with or have not noted with frilled dragons yet.

11/30/11  08:29pm


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  Message To: 87rx7chick   In reference to Message Id: 2245777

 New to frilled dragon

Yesterday Ghost got a full bill of health Dr Mandel our exotic vet gave Ghost a vitamin B shot to boost apitite and last night i got him to eat 4 that were dusted with calcium.

We are planning on switching to normal bulbs for heat because the reds burn out to soon for us and im sure everyone would enjoy it better except for our leo.

How long do you think intill he will eat on his own because right now i have to use feeding tweezers
and get some of the roach in his mouth to eat. I know for a fact that the 100watt red gets 100 right in the eat zone and were I have it its half on his plastic tree,on his hammock,a limb and his rock. And his Uvb is on the other half of the plastic tree and another branch he also has greens in his tank today to see if he will eat.

12/01/11  08:58am


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  Message To: Bowserman   In reference to Message Id: 2245809

 New to frilled dragon

did you read my website? you really really need the brighter halogen bulb, im not kidding. do you care about your frill? this frill aint no prostitute it doesnt NEED a red bulb it NEEDS bright light. this thing is from Australia’s surrounding coast line, New Guinea. u think New Guinea has dim dull days? im not kidding. even if you think the red bulb and your desk lamp puts off enough light, it doesnt.... PLEASE LISTEN

please fricken read my website... the husbandry page as well as medical page. also please look at my enclosures i have posted up. all of them are bright. hot and humid.

none of them any where are less then 84 degrees right now. yeah 84 degrees. i raised the temps lately. 84-105 day time with hot 130 basking area and at night no less then 72 degrees. my frilled dragons all hang out in the area where its 95 degrees. THINK ABOUT THAT. they enjoy 95 degrees not 75-80... they enjoy all the areas of their enclosure but mostly stay where its 95 degrees.

if you want your frilled dragon to start eating on its own... why dont you listen to my advice and get a 5$ halogen bulb from home depot or lowes?

also.. if you really care about this guy. he’s in a glass tank. glass tanks have screen tops. i ALWAYS advise people with these tanks to INSULATE their enclosures.

Link thats a link to lowe’s and their insulation i use. its like bubble wrap but with metal on it. use this on the sides of your tank its only about 15$ then use real foil on the top of your tank. the foil top will hold more heat and more humidity in. and the foil insulation will hold the heat in the glass. since glass lets heat right out..

if you even care in the slightest about your frill you’d at least get the right bulb and toss some cheap foil on top of the enclosure. i KNOW you have foil in your house.... your letting all the heat your frill NEEDS, right out the top.

your frill aint no leo gecko it needs bright light or else it will be depressed, and WONT EAT. oh and guess what YOURS ISNT EATING!!! your on here asking for advice and i’m giving it to you. heat is the key with the’s guys health. i dont care if its 100 near the basking light , what is it on the opposite side of the enclosure? it better be 84 degrees or warmer. especially on a frill who is not eating.

btw did your vet do a fecal on this frilled dragon? did you bring in a fecal sample for your vet to look at? if you didnt, then the vet cant see anything wrong with your frilled dragon from the outside unless he’s at deaths door. its hard to tell whats making a frill "not eat" with out a fecal sample and expensive blood test. least you could do is offer a fecal sample .

fecal samples save reptiles lives....

i aint just some one that thinks they know it all, im some one with first hand experience with sick frills. i’ve received sick, close to death PURE ausies before and brought them back to health. those said ausies soon get sick offten cuz of weak immune systems. i have 8 frilled dragons in total and have been keeping and caring for them for almost 6 years now. please dont take me for a fool. im just trying to save your frilled dragons life.


12/01/11  12:03pm


Dragon Lover
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  Message To: 87rx7chick   In reference to Message Id: 2245826

 New to frilled dragon


do you know how many people come to me threw email asking "what is wrong with my frill" ? alot of people dont do the research and wind up with a very sick dragon.

Probably about as many people as come to me about their bearded dragons, Iguana, skinks and snakes. I get calls from people from Africa, Asia, Europe.....Yes, I know people don’t do the research, but once they get on here and start it is easier to teach them and have them learn something by being nice. Instead of coming across forceful, why don’t you just tell us what works and has worked for you so that your frills are healthy and happy. And screaming at us to read your website only makes us want to never go look at it. Instead offer support and a friendly link and you will have many more people looking at the website and listening to what you have to say.


12/01/11  01:43pm


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  Message To: Dragon Lover   In reference to Message Id: 2245836

 New to frilled dragon

Edel, thanks for letting me know how you interpreted my posting, i am hardly "screaming" its simply how you took my post. it seems the Original Poster didnt really even look at my site.

edel could you tell me if you see anything wrong with their set up? temps are a huge factor in frilled dragons health along with humidity. im simply making it extremely to the point and obvious, i’ve been there and the one thing i regret when i had a sick frill, is not understanding and listening to what people ment by what they said.

edel this info isnt projected directly at you. this is for the original poster. i hope the best for them and their frilled dragon. thats it! i care enough to put enough effort into typing up long replies, and make a website.

edel have you checked out my site? i know its not the best, and i know there are better sites out there, but at least i have on there how to build an enclosure thats best for a frilled dragon.

i really hope this frilled dragon starts eating well and i really hope that my advice is at least considered in time

edel you cant say that its fair to let a frilled dragon only have one uvb bulb and a red bulb. its just to dark right? and a cold glass enclosure with only 100w of power with no insulation just cant hold enough heat in. i know, i’ve been there and done it. i raise hatchlings in a small glass tank for the first week and i use insulation and it works great. 100 wats works too i actually use 65w with foil on top to hold in the heat, but a red bulb? thats just not fair. the OP didnt even acknowledge this instead they admittedly said that they would just replace it when it burns out, obviously they are in no rush. thats a huge red flag. "i dont care about the wellbeing of my reptile enough to change out the light to the right one" thats what that says.

edel this isnt about me this is about them you already showed your point of view about how i am posting why dont you offer some helpful advice to this thread and help this person figure out why their frilled dragon stopped eating.

christy, how’s he doing today? did you get that bulb on there yet? did you get that foil on their yet?
christy you should check out other frilled dragon forums like "the frilled dragon dot com " or something like that alot more people will give you the same info as i just gave you. im sorry if i am coming across as mean that is not my intention i really really care and i am really really anxious to here your frill is doing better with the increase in temps and the increase in light out put (ie replace the red light with a brigher one)

12/01/11  04:04pm


Dragon Lover
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  Message To: 87rx7chick   In reference to Message Id: 2245854

 New to frilled dragon


I totally believe the reason Ghost isn’t eating is because they have only had him for a week. He needs time to settle in and get used to his new surroundings. It happens with every critter in a new place.

I’m sorry if I offended or hurt your feelings, but I am not the only one that feels you are screaming.


your frilled dragon only has a heat lamp ?

Christy said her frilled dragon had his first heat lamp for petco did not have a heat lamp on him.....


He has his first heat bulb petco didnt have a heat lamp on him


its not your fault. i guess. you didnt research enough, maybe you did, maybe you didnt read the right info.

Really? That’s not rude?


im trying to provide info, as well as Importance and i cant stress enough how important it is

You don’t have to be harsh or rude to get your point across. In the many years that I have tried to help people, I have noticed that they will listen more if you are understanding and nice about giving your advise. To the point and harsh pushes people away 99% of the time. I know that you have learned the hard way, I know that you know what you’re talking about. I never questioned your knowledge. But I have dealt with many people and I have learned that if I put myself in their place and try and remember how I felt when I first got started with these critters that more people tend to listen to what I have to say. And it’s not by saying:


do you care about your frill? this frill aint no prostitute it doesnt NEED a red bulb it NEEDS bright light.


please fricken read my website..


your frill aint no leo gecko it needs bright light or else it will be depressed, and WONT EAT. oh and guess what YOURS ISNT EATING!!!

They are building the new enclosure for Ghost. They know that a 46 long, 36 deep and 46 high enclosure would be the minimum for an adult frilled. They know the frilled should have a gradient for the basking and hot area between 95 to 100 and no higher than 110. Much higher than that can cause dehydration. The cool side should be between 75 to 85. The dragon should have enough space to move from hot to cool and back as he feels he needs to. They also know that for the new enclosure which they are getting started, they will need a UVB bulb as well as a full spectrum 6500k.....Both rod bulbs. They do have a heat bulb and a red bulb for it gets pretty cold at night where they live. They also know that their frilled dragon will need 45% to 65% humidity.

As rescuers and teachers, we need to know and accept the fact that we can share what we know. What we have learned through our years of experience and by letting the new owners, whoever they may be, know that we too, have gone through similar situations. We need to know and accept the fact that even though we may share what has and has not worked for us, that they are individuals and will make their own decisions. We cannot ’make’ them do something. We can only share and hope they have learned and do what we feel is the right thing.

Share all that you know.....but put yourself in their place and be kind. Remember when you first got started? How many times did you listen to the ones that were screaming and pushy. You know your stuff.....share it in a way that people want to absorb it drink it with all their power so that they will want to someday be as knowledgeable as you are.


12/03/11  04:31am


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  Message To: Dragon Lover   In reference to Message Id: 2246002

 New to frilled dragon

Thank you Edel I talked to Annie last night for over an hour and she said the same thing we are doing the right thing by Ghost.

What Annie did sugest is to put papertowel over his sand so the sand can still provide as a cushion when is jumps and falls.

But I told her the heat and how we mist him and she said we are doing everything right and also said how he didnt eat when we got him and she said that too was normal I forgot how Bowser was when we brought him home same with Lonestar,Valentino and Riddick and when we had Serenity they wouldnt eat at first.

Now he is eating fine and loves having out time and running the living room floor.

His frill was shedding last night so he got another soak and I gently worked the shed and it was coming off.

I too try to help others when they are having problems with animals and if I do not know the answers to the questions they are asking I will direct them to someone that might know.
Countless times I send people to Edel,Chris and others if I cannot answer questions.


12/03/11  10:52am


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  Message To: Bowserman   In reference to Message Id: 2246020

 New to frilled dragon

Hey all....I just wanted to publicly say a few things...

Firstly , even though RX7 may sound harsh/rude...or whatever, she has paid her dues with frillies...she has come a long way and made all the mistakes. I know her from way back ...doesn’t mean I agree with her sharing methods..but her passion is strong...

I have been rude in the past also’s just a personality’s hard to overcome and be sweet as pie...that is where some fall short. Great knowledge and horrible personalities ....bad mix

I hope that everyone here can be courteous to one another and make it an enjoyable place to get information , rather than the opposite.

I know that Edel has mentioned my shortness more than 1x and I have to remind myself and proof read what I am saying, and edit my responses so I don’t push others away.

I have gotten to know Doug (webmaster) a bit better and I know his concerns are that this, HIS, web site be the very best and outshine with that in mind I have stopped putting myself first and try to consider how my response is taken and does it promote the web site in the best light.

Would I come back to the RZ or a particular forum based on how I am treated or treat others....???

There are some very important things to keep in mind....
1, the animal in need and the way the info is delivered so that it is passed on pleasantly which is conducive for education / learning and open communication.

2, the well being and longevity of this web site so that others recommend and share the benefits of a free source and wealth of information.

If I let my ego run away with me I will surely color my responses and sound arrogant and pretentious.
On the other hand if I respond with kindness and compassion the compliments and strokes will flow like a river...


12/03/11  01:15pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2246035

 New to frilled dragon

Chris you are so right this isnt a place to act like children but help as a family with people and animals are in need of help.

I try to remember what my grandparents used to tell me all the time "Kindness will get you a long way whereas Kindess’ sister Rudeness will get you into trouble and leave you alone."

Wise words from two very wise people


12/03/11  01:34pm


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  Message To: Bowserman   In reference to Message Id: 2246037

 New to frilled dragon

if i have to be harsh, i always will acknowledge the fact that i am being harsh and i always apologize to replying in such way. my passion is strong and i will always be there for people who are as passionate as i am, and who love their frill and are willing to do anything for them, like myself.

i spend alot of time helping others who wish to be helped, i am alot different once i get all the facts. christy messaged me and i got a better understanding as to what was going on and i answered a few more questions.

i am not a rude person, i dont try to be, but i dont always sugar coat everything . but again i always say sorry for putting things so harsh.

i have much love and respect for others, and i am open to learn from others just as open as i am to teach others.

i have made all the mistakes every one else has made and i had to learn from them myself and ask others many questions . im only here to share what i have learned over the years

again. much love and respect to ever one.

12/03/11  05:54pm


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  Message To: 87rx7chick   In reference to Message Id: 2246057

 New to frilled dragon

Sorry kinda been dead

Ghost is eating on his own and is basking was gapeing this afternoon
pooped on me james and james bed and he is deffently a boy T__T flashed me little rotten monster


but all is well with him and everything

12/04/11  07:03pm


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  Message To: Bowserman   In reference to Message Id: 2245687

 New to frilled dragon


12/10/11  07:55pm


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  Message To: Bowserman   In reference to Message Id: 2245616

 New to frilled dragon

Well my frilled dragon stopped eating once and I tried everything. The only thing that worked was force feeding. You need to get a syringe. Now this part is kinda nasty. You need a food processor or a blender and get these: you need some leafy greens * CAUTION*. DO NOT use iceberg lettuce, DO NOT! ( nothing citrus, if you put in apples make sure to remove the seeds ) and about 4 crickets and 1 or 2 mealworms. Blend these all together and put them in a container ( little ziplock container, you know the ones with the blue lids. ) and full up about 1/3 of the syringe. Lightly pinCh the corners of your frilled dragons mouth and squeeze a tiny bit in his mouth ( not all of it, go little by little ) and do this until he starts eating. For mine it took about 4 days. Now I don’t know about the grinding, look it up or go to your local pet store that has highly trained staff ^.^

08/04/14  07:38pm

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