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 Growth Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

last year i bought a baby frilled lizard and its been doing extremely well.. its been active, been eating a good staple of crickets and mealworms and i also have a uv light on him... but in the last year the lizard has grown only a couple of inches... Is this normal can anyone explain how fast or how slow they grow?

here are some pics of my little one:

09/16/11  01:48pm


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  Message To: No_shame247   In reference to Message Id: 2237147

 Growth Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is htat his current size? it seems small. i got mine 1 year ago and he was 7 inches long fron snout to tail he is now over 2 feet long (not sure exactly how long i havent measured in a while) anyways hope that helps.

09/18/11  11:42pm


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  Message To: No_shame247   In reference to Message Id: 2237147

 Growth Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks healthy but it’s very small, if it’s a year old in those pictures. What are your temps and what type of UVB light are you using? Some things you could try: move him to a larger enclosure (they typically don’t do great in standard aquariums), increase ambient temperatures, dust feeders more often with calcium and vitamin supplements, increase water intake (plastic syringes work well). Also, definitely cut the mealworms out of his diet, you can try dubia roaches & hornworms for variety, and make sure the insects are well-fed.

Here’s a growth chart, for some sort of reference: (inches on y-axis, date on x-axis)
Male Growth Chart

Hope this helps!

09/19/11  08:33am


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  Message To: Rubix   In reference to Message Id: 2237489

 Growth Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

temps should be no less then 78 degrees any where in the enclosure. ambient temp should be 80-95 with a hot basking zone.

crickets and meal worms just DONT offer enough protein and nutrition to make frilled dragons grow well. Dubia roaches are rather new to the reptile scene and have been proving themselves to be an amazing feed item. dubia roaches can be gutt loaded with anything that they will eat. dubias live for 1-1.5 years old so you dont have to worry about them dieing off like crickets do. you cant really gut load crickets well. they die eady and dont actually hold all that much nutrition from gut loading. dubia roaches get super fat when they eat and thats all gutt load.

meal worms are just useless really for any reptile a bit larger then a hatchling. super worms are much better but not a great staple item because they are high in fat.

at one year your frill should be at least 15-18 inches long depending on male or female.

your frill does look healthy. no need for a vet visit i dont think. but you will have to up the temps.

glass enclosures are horrible. glass does not hold in heat, it is a great conductor so it sucks the heat right out and puts it back into the room. screen top on a glass enclosure lets all the humidity out threw the top. you cant keep any heat inside of a glass enclosure unless you put a glass top on it and mount the lights inside. but that gets elaborate.

check out this site.
it tells you how to make a melamine enclosure, and why to make one.

09/28/11  03:01pm


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  Message To: No_shame247   In reference to Message Id: 2237147

 Growth Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is it just UV light or is it UVB cuz ull need UVB and do u dust the crickets every few feedings with calcium?

11/11/11  09:25am

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