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 Why would my frilled dragon be puking??

I got a frilled dragon about a week ago i feed it a small pinkie large crickets and super worms last couple days it has not been wanting to move as much and looks really weak. Today i was researching and found out to put him in luke warm water so i did and she puked twice as i was rubbing her stomach her puke was just the super worms whole two of them. now she is laying there not moving with her eyes closed. please help

09/02/11  08:28pm


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  Message To: Amberwells18   In reference to Message Id: 2235487

 Why would my frilled dragon be puking??

ok, where did you get your frilled dragon

what type of enclosure is your frilled dragon in.

what temperature are you keeping your frilled dragon at?

they need a body temp of 95 degrees to 97 degrees to digest food, if your frilled dragon is kept to cool your frill wont digest food. min temp in an enclosure right now should be 80 degrees to 95 degrees with a hot basking zone. assuming that your frill is in a 20+ gallon size enclosure or tank.

frills can be hard to care for. they require humidity and heat . if they dont have both, then they can get dehydrated and they can start dieing. im not saying this is whats happening but, im guessing your frilled dragon is extremely dehydrated or to cold.

so, im guessing the frill ate all this food on its own. if so then thats great. means it has a good apitite.

looking at this in a positive perspective, your frill just couldnt handle all the food and it puked. it can happen. it may not mean anything is wrong, just dont feed pinky mice untill your frill is a little bigger.

looking at this the bad way, your frill may not have high enough temps and cant digest its food properly. all you have to do is raise the temp, depending on the type of enclosure you have i would suggest different methods of raising the temp, i’d start by covering the screen top in foil to help hold in heat.
another issue could be sevear dehydration, its hard to treat this because it has such devistating effects on the renal system.
lastly it could be impaction, which i would guess your read about hence the warm water soak.

dont freak out to much, just make sure your enclosure is set up correctly. it may be nothing. but it may be poor husbandry. oh, yeah, and if you got it from a bad pet shop he could just be sick if thats the case then its up in the air....

09/03/11  12:00am


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  Message To: 87rx7chick   In reference to Message Id: 2235506

 Why would my frilled dragon be puking??

ok thanks sooo much for all your information it was a great help!! i think i might of been feeding it a little too much how much should it be eating a day? He is in a 75 gallon tank with a sun glow 150watt light on half of his cage is that good enough or should i get another light for the other side?? today he seems to be more alert he just seems to weak to walk? what can i feed him to keep up his calcium

09/03/11  09:52am


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  Message To: Amberwells18   In reference to Message Id: 2235522

 Why would my frilled dragon be puking??

how big is he?

75 gallon tanks are hard to keep warm. all that open space, all that cold glass....

i would go to lowes or home depo, buy 2 "clamp lamp fixtures" they are about 6-7$ each. then buy one 75 watt and one 50w (small hallogen labled 50w PAR 20) par 20 means the size. its 2.5 inches across

you’ll spend about 30$ on fixtures and bulbs.

the bigger the enclosure the more watts you need. i’ve luckly delt with a 75 gallon before so i know what it takes to heat it :(

the 125 watt is great. but you would need another lamp on the far side. and one in the middle.

question, is the 125w uvb lamp 10 inches from the basking branch? this type of uvb is ultra strong the reptile can not get with in 10 inches of it.

heres what you do.

if the 125w is mounted directly on top of the screen, remove the basking branches from under it. make sure he can not get with in 10-12 inches from it.

place the 75 watt on the oposite side of the enclosure. put the basking branches under that one.

place the 50w in the center, you may not need the 50w now but winter is coming up. so you can leave it off if the temps are ok with the other 2 lamps

cover the top in foil so the heat doesnt escape as easily. continue misting and hydrating. make sure the enclosure is hot and bright and happy. if you dont have a lamp on the other side, its most likely to dark in the enclosure and he is very un-happy, they need bright light durring the day.

take him out and soak him while you make changes to his enclosure. dont do it with him in the enclosure. soak him in only 1/4 inch of water so he doesnt risk drowning while your working on his enclosure. set it up and get him back in it. put a towel up on his enclosure so he can not see out.

if frilled dragons see out of their enclosure and see movement, this could stress them out.
you can read about that here


they are sensitive lizards. i hope your guy will be ok! im sure your doing all you can.

09/03/11  11:55am


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  Message To: 87rx7chick   In reference to Message Id: 2235534

 Why would my frilled dragon be puking??

oh when i said 125 watt i ment 150 watt.

09/03/11  11:56am


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  Message To: 87rx7chick   In reference to Message Id: 2235535

 Why would my frilled dragon be puking??

OK thank you now do u know what i can do to try and get him to eat because right now he is just laying there and wont move and it tears me up seeing him like this :( we tryed hand feeding him but he just closes his eyes?

09/03/11  12:53pm


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  Message To: Amberwells18   In reference to Message Id: 2235544

 Why would my frilled dragon be puking??

hand feeding is extremely stressful. it makes them shut down even more.

where did you buy him from?

if he was eating before, he should start eating after his temps come back up. im guessing the temps were to low, he couldnt digest his food and he got sick.

check out beni-bac for bird and reptile. type that in it should be 12$ you should try to get it from the amazon warehouse and click on "free over night shipping" and try to get it wednesday. just cancel the "trial offer" for free over night shipping after you get it. ez stuff.

beni-bac for bird and reptile is a pro-biotic. it helps apatite and helps repair hurtting tummies by giving them benificial bacteria that will help digest their food. research on probiotics for reptiles.

read that site and then read . also on this forum you can scroll down and read any thread submitted by me. theres one about stuborn and sick frilled dragons i posted a few years ago but its still on here.

its a fight against dehydration and stress. what i usually do is give subQ fluids to rehydrate my sick reptiles but you have to go to a vet to do it. i have all the equipment here to do it myself, after a vet taught me how. vet visits are even more stressful for reptiles, it can be cold in the vet office and may just do more harm then good.

heat and humidity is the key to healthy frilled dragons. hydration is a big thing with these guys.

so, where did you get this guy?

09/03/11  01:36pm


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  Message To: 87rx7chick   In reference to Message Id: 2235551

 Why would my frilled dragon be puking??

I got him from Reptiles in roseville michigan......Have you heard of them? even though we warmed his cage up he still just lays there with his eyes closed?when we put him in water we noticed him drinking some water really slowly.. but other then that he still hasnt ate anything :(

09/03/11  03:13pm


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  Message To: Amberwells18   In reference to Message Id: 2235558

 Why would my frilled dragon be puking??

is he on the floor of the enclosure or does he move into the basking area on his own?

sounds like a common case of the "scared as sht" or dehydration. hard to say....

did you cover the front of his enclosure so he can not see out? use a towel and cover the front.

i’ve had 2 frills in the past do this to me. they were fine, hydrated, but would not move ever. and as soon as they saw me they would lay low and shut their eyes. frilled dragons always remember ..... always remember who they are scared of. if you handled them to much in the first week this could happen.

how big is the frilled dragon from nose to vent?

09/04/11  11:25am


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  Message To: 87rx7chick   In reference to Message Id: 2235631

 Why would my frilled dragon be puking??

although our frilled dragon never has had this problem one of our male chinese water dragons did. he would puke up his food. he also would have an excessive amount of saliva and mucus in his mourh. we took him to the vet they diagnosed him with a bacteria infection. they did saliva slides and a fecal slide plus a prescription to baytril and he is back to his old self! and it costed us less than a hundred dollars.

03/04/12  09:14pm

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